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Is your speech fraught with gossip, judging, negativity, complaints, excuses, lying and dogmatism?    Why not change channels and make it about honesty, authenticity, integrity and love?  This video is very brief, but can teach you how to speak so that others will listen to what you have to say.  You should begin, however, by listening to yourself…..



Speak Your Mind ….but do it correctly.



I was recently contacted by my friend in New Zealand, Dhaj Sumner, who informed me of an upcoming exhibition in my neck of the woods that I am quite excited about.  This one has appeal for nature lovers and art lovers alike.

Coming up next month, the Nature in the Making exhibition of incredible hand woven art will feature interpretations of naturally-formed landscapes and geological forms as seen through the eyes of  UK weaver Stacey Harvey-Brown and fellow-weaver, Agnes Hauptli, from  New Zealand.  Featured  in the B2 Fine Art Gallery in Tacoma, Washington, the exhibit will run from   June 19 through July 25, 2014.

Easily accessible from Portland and Seattle, the exhibit will be the Pacific Northwest’s opportunity to witness a truly remarkable display of woven and pictorial canyons, caverns and stalactites via the artists’ unique 3-D weaving techniques and photographic images.


The work is the two weavers’ specific responses to  the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyons in Arizona, as well as the various cave systems under the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountain ranges in Virginia, where they have met every two years since 2010.  Visitors can witness the woven details of undulating stratum and majestic mountains  in artistic stories told as no one else has ever portrayed them.


Agnes Hauptli uses a computer-assisted jacquard loom to create stunning  colored panels.




Stacey Harvey-Brown uses a shaft loom to create highly textured three-dimensional growth forms installations and large, off-the-wall Strata Wall pieces.



Please tell your friends about this one.  The exhibition is a must-see for art lovers across the PNW!



Agnes is an award-winning, self taught weaver who first  began her artistic weaving endeavors with  a rigid heddle loom in 1992.   She has been in love with the craft of weaving ever since.



Stacy Harvey-Brown’s book, Woven Shibori for Textural Effects: How You Can Weave Waves, Sand Ripples, Volcanoes and Mountains on a Shaft Loom,  can be found  HERE on  She can be seen in this interesting video about the Jacquard loom:


I sincerely hope that my PNW-area readers will show up at the exhibit and give these two remarkable artists your welcoming support.  This is an installation you will not want to miss!



THU JUNE 19 2014 :: 5PM-8PM

SAT JUNE 21 2014 :: 5PM-8PM

Complex Weavers Conference Attendees & Friends
SUN JUNE 29 2014 :: 8PM-10PM





Nature in the Making – by Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown


Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 12.01.36 PM

Stacy Alexander


Welcome to Arte California!


© Stacy Alexander – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Reproduction or use of the content on this blog restricted without author’s permission.


Stacy Alexander Arté California


Two of my all-time favorite singers….Ricki Lee Jones and Ben Harper, singing, “Old Enough”.


Something’s changed

It’s not that I fear but

Maybe it’s that I took care of you

too many times,

And you grew weaker for a kindness

Sometimes kindness from a friend

can break a man

I can understand

You sit there like a child-man

I never meant to make you cry

I’d turn the clock but how can I?

You’re Old Enough to know

You’re Old Enough to know

Why do you shun me

when I treat you with respect?

You’ve been my best friend,

joy and happiness

But without a tender kiss sometimes,

We may as well say goodbye…

Cuz late at night,  as the cars go by,
I lay here and watch you try

to pretend you’re not breaking inside

For someone to sing in your ear…

I can understand…

You sit there like a child and beg,

But if you want me to stay,

Baby has to cry sometime
Don’t be kind to me,
I wanna walk away…


You’re Old Enough to know

You’re Old Enough to know

You’re Old Enough to know
Ah, you’re Old Enough to know

Ricki Lee Jones and Ben Harper – OLD ENOUGH


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Protected: All That Glitters….The Cullinan Diamonds



Photo a Day – OCTOBER

Day # 21 – CALM

©Stacy Alexander

“Pan Asian Eel “

Mixed media on birchwood panel

13″ x 9″

 Stacy Alexander

(All Rights Reserved)

Day # 21 – CALM



Photo a Day – OCTOBER

Day # 20 – 4 O’Clock

Stacy Alexander – 2012 

“Trains” are the mechanism of pulling people, places and things apart. “Sewing Machines” are the machines of stitching things to together. So the eternal actions of leaving and fabricating togetherness, of departing and imparting, of pulling away and coming back  together, are the arcs of existence from which a relationship cannot hope to escape.

Day # 20 – 4 O’Clock



Your Skin Texture

Smoking reduces the production of collagen and elastin up to 40%, some reports state. This means skin starts to thin out, which leads to premature sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines. Deep lines and wrinkles usually form around the eyes and the mouth area, thanks to the constant squinting from smoke irritation, and puckering of the lips when inhaling a cigarette. According to some studies by, smokers develop premature signs of aging much sooner than a non-smoker, even as young as 20 years old. “Facial wrinkling, while not yet visible, can be seen under a microscope.” Overall, because of it’s thousands of toxins going directly into your body from a single cigarette, your overall complexion can have a yellow, sullen, leathery texture – so attractive!

Aged Eye Area

Because smoking damages the cells around the eyes, you can not only expect wrinkles and lines, but also sucken eyes with dark eye circles. This is especially common with chain smokers.  Ewwwwww.  LOOK at those crows feet and sagging brows!

Wrinkled, Shriveled Lips

Again, because smoking zaps all the collagen and elastin from your skin, your lips suffer too. Lips can become wrinkled and look shriveled. The skin around the mouth, again, will eventually lead to deep, dark lines and wrinkles because of the constant puckering of your lips….and you know?  When they smile, it makes some of them look like they have bucked teeth.

Stained Teeth

Smoking stains the teeth. Smokers are also more likely to loose teeth, have plaque buildup, and lose part of the jawbone that helps keep their teeth in place – scary!

Lifeless Hair

Smokers are up to four times more likely to have these problems with their hair, thanks to the chemicals in cigarettes. They starve your hair of oxygen and make it dull, lifeless and brittle, and in the long run contributes to hair loss, premature graying, and balding.  A lot of them have to keep their hair cropped short for that very reason.

Appearance of an Aged Body

Your fingers will eventually get stained by a beautiful yellow tinge, and recent studies from the Research in Archives of Dermatology stated that smoking ages skin all across the body, especially sagging in the upper inner arms.


No one can deny the smell smoking causes. Smokers STINK.   Most of them are unaware of this fact, but it is, indeed, a fact.  My friend’s girlfriend smokes. One of the predominant things he says about her is that she smells bad, and he has a hard time hiding his distaste.

Low IQ?!

… And as if that’s not bad enough, studies show you may be a little dumber than the rest of us. Not exactly something you’d like advertised about yourself, huh?  …well…SOME of you have demonstrated this fact quite openly…but again….another story for another time.

In conclusion, smoking blesses you with some very attractive physical traits! But seriously – if that doesn’t make you want to quit ASAP, Amanda Sandford of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) sums it perfectly: “No amount of anti-ageing cream will remove the wrinkles caused by cigarettes, so the best way for smokers to avoid the wrinkled prune look is to stop.”

Want to read a study that was conducted by scientists who support the contention that smokers have lower IQs than people that do not smoke?  CLICK HERE! 


Smoking is VERY Glamorous!




Portland  Artist Featured in Mosaic Art Auction to Benefit Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

The creative talents of local artist, Stacy Alexander, of Stacy Alexander Studios from Portland,  joins an international group of mosaic artists whose works will be available for bid in the September ‘Beyond Borders: mosaic auction’ benefit for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières at the online auction website:

Known in the U.S. as Doctors Without Borders (DWB) and worldwide as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), DWB/MSF is an international medical humanitarian organization that provides aid in nearly 70 countries to people whose survival is threatened, providing medical aid to those most in need.

Mosaic is an ancient art form that involves laying out tesserae (individual pieces), such as glass, stone and pebbles, as well as more contemporary materials such as mirror, crockery and fused glass (among many other items) into an image or pattern, ranging from abstract to representational. Used for centuries as floor and wall ornamentation, and for iconic symbols in many religions, mosaic has seen a resurgence beginning in the last century, continuing with architectural uses and gaining acceptance in the world of Fine Art.

Stacy Alexander has been making art for more than 30 years and will be featuring a mosaic heart called, “Heart of the Matter” in the Doctors Without Borders online auction.  View more of her work on her website at

This auction collection of 133 mosaic artworks from artists representing 14 countries is an example of the diverse creativity in this again-burgeoning art form. Some artists use classic materials that date back to the origins of mosaic, while others take full advantage of the limitless tesserae choices available today.

This is the second all-mosaic auction to be held for DWB/MSF. The first,  held in April of 2011, included a collection of 127 artworks that generated more than $20,000 for the benefit.  Event Organizer Lin Schorr of Lin Schorr Mixed Media Mosaics ( is again curating the event with assistance from the Northville Art House, a non-profit art gallery in Northville, MI.

‘Beyond Borders: mosaic auction’ will open online, Saturday, September 1, at 9am EDT and will close Friday, September 21, at 9pm EDT at

All artwork will be on display in a live preview exhibit July 2 through August 30 at the Nancy A Fox Art Gallery, located in the Providence Center for the Healing Arts, 47601 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI, and September 5 through 22 at the Northville Art House, 215 W. Cady, Northville MI.


Doctors Without Borders Upcoming Auction