Oatmeal, anyone? An Evening with Ottmar Liebert

When my daughter was small, she would refer to Flamenco guitarist, Ottmar Liebert as “Oatmeal”.  “Listening to Oatmeal again, Mom?”  she would ask. © Stacy Alexander – 2015 Last night, we were treated to two hours of this graceful guitarist’s skilled execution of some of the most incredible music I have ever heard.  Liebert wasContinue reading “Oatmeal, anyone? An Evening with Ottmar Liebert”

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dead at 46

One of the finest actors and directors this world has ever known was found dead in his Manhattan apartment this morning, of a suspected heroin overdose.  What a waste of life and talent.    He and one of my film industry friends were close friends.  She is in deep mourning today.  I saw him liveContinue reading “Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dead at 46”