(Even) MORE Ignorance in the State of Texas

This, from Mother Jones…..

Man Who Believes God Speaks to Us Through “Duck Dynasty” Is About to Be Texas’ Second-in-Command

Meet Dan Patrick, the next lieutenant governor of Texas.

Dan Patrick by

As a Texas state senator, Dan Patrick has conducted himself in a manner consistent with the shock jock he once was. Patrick—who is now the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor—has railed against everything from separation of church and state to Mexican coyotes who supposedly speak Urdu. He’s even advised his followers that God is speaking to them through Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.

A former sportscaster who once defended a football player who’d thrown a reporter through a door (Patrick believed it wasn’t the journalist’s job to do “negative reporting”), Patrick became a conservative talk radio host in the early 1990s—Houston’s answer to Rush Limbaugh. In 2006, he parlayed his radio fame into a state Senate seat—and kept the talk show going. In office, he proposed paying women $500 to turn over newborn babies to the state (to reduce abortions), led the charge against creeping liberalism in state textbooks, and pushed wave after wave of new abortion restrictions. For his efforts, Texas Monthly named Patrick one of the worst legislators of 2013.

With a victory on November 4, Patrick, who is leading Democratic state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte in the polls, would find himself next in line for the governor’s mansion of the nation’s second-largest state. (Rick Perry, the current Republican governor, was previously lieutenant governor.) But even if Patrick advances no further, he’d be in a position to shape public policy—Texas’ lieutenant governor is sometimes called the “most powerful office in Texas” because of the influence it has on both the legislative and executive branches.

Here are a few of Patrick’s greatest hits:

On Islam: Patrick walked out of the Senate chamber in 2007 rather than listen to a Muslim deliver the opening prayer. “I think that it’s important that we are tolerant as a people of all faiths, but that doesn’t mean we have to endorse all faiths, and that was my decision,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “I surely believe that everyone should have the right to speak, but I didn’t want my attendance on the floor to appear that I was endorsing that.”

Five years later, he did it again. “We are a nation that allows a Muslim to come in with a Koran but does not allow a Christian to take a Bible to school,” Patrick explained, after walking out on another prayer, delivered this time by Imam Yusuf Kavacki. “We are a Judeo-Christian nation, primarily a Christian nation.”

On the border: “While ISIS terrorists threaten to cross our border and kill Americans, my opponent falsely attacks me to hide her failed record on illegal immigration,” he says in his first general-election campaign. Patrick’s website, meanwhile, warns that Pakistanis are crossing the border as well, presumably to do bad things to Americans. “This is an Urdu dictionary found by border volunteers that was dropped by a human smuggler,” Patrick writes beneath a photo of an Urdu-English dictionary. “It is concerning that Mexican coyotes are learning Urdu in order to smuggle illegal immigrants?” [sic]

On migrants: “They are bringing Third World diseases with them,” he said in 2006, warning that immigrants could bring leprosy and polio to Texas. (This was news to Texas public health officials.) Patrick hired an undocumented worker when he ran a Houston sports bar, and when the worker revealed last spring that he had talked candidly with Patrick about his situation, the candidate insisted: “The worker says I was personally very kind to him and goes on to allege other preposterous events that are not true and for which he offers no evidence.”

On his first book, actually titled The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read: “As the author, I am obviously biased,” Patrick wrote in an Amazon review of his own book. But “since God inspired me to write this book,” he added, “He automatically gets 5 stars and the CREDIT!'”

On squashing Wendy Davis’ filibuster: Patrick told Mike Huckabee he had a Christian obligation to ignore Senate rules if the lives of fetuses were at risk. I spoke to my colleagues and said, ‘When Jesus criticized the Pharisees, he criticized them because their laws and their rules were more important than actually taking care of people,'” he said. “And in my view, stopping a debate to save thousands of lives, well, saving the thousands of lives is more important than our tradition of, well, you should never stop someone. I said, ‘Well, are we gonna become the modern-day Pharisees as Republicans of the Senate and just let her talk this bill to death and thousands that could have been saved a horrendous death and also improving health care?'”

On critics of his 2011 bill, which passed, mandating women see a sonogram before getting an abortion: “If those aborted souls were in the gallery right now, what would you say to them?”

On Connie Chung’s TV show, Eye to Eye: Patrick quipped in 1992 that the Asian American journalist’s show should be called “Slanted Eye to Eye.” Although Patrick’s remarks sparked a local media firestorm, he did not change his ways. In 1999, a Houston Press profile noted that “Patrick lapsed into a faux-Chinese accent when he thought he heard a network correspondent call Clinton, in the midst of the Chinese-espionage scandal, ‘President Crinton,'” and later joked that Clinton should get surgery to “make his eyes slanted.”

On MTV: Patrick issued a call to arms against the cable channel in 2004, in an online bulletin:


On creationism: “Our students…must really be confused,” Patrick said at a GOP primary debate last spring. “They go to Sunday School on Sunday and then they go into school on Monday and we tell them they can’t talk about God. I’m sick and tired of a minority in our country who want us to turn our back on God.”

On the separation of church and state: “There is no such thing as separation of church and state.”

On Duck Dynasty: Patrick tried to raise money off of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality in GQ, boasting that the bearded reality star was channeling another bearded visionary. “This is an exciting time for Christians,” he wrote on Facebook. “God is speaking to us from the most unlikely voice, Phil Robertson, about God’s Word. God is using pop culture and a highly successful cable TV show to remind us about His teaching.”

On his inspiration for this painting of Christ’s face on the Statue of Liberty:

In teaching myself how to watercolor I was trying different styles. After a beach scene, I decided to try a Peter Max type of painting of the Statue of Liberty. I could not get the fact right and used water to remove the paint on her face. When it dried and I tried to clean it up suddently [sic] the face of Jesus appeared so clearly. It struck me that Jesus face on the Statue of Liberty sends an incredible message that the real light that our country has sent in the past, and needs to send once again today, is we are a nation that stands on His Word This was only my 4th try at a painting I had no idea of how to paint the face of Jesus, nor was I trying to do so.

On film: “A very popular movie starring Mel Gibson, Signs, has a theme dealing with the concept of coincidence,” Patrick wrote in his book. “If you haven’t seen it, it’s a terrific flick (albeit a little scary). I recommend it.”

Day # 8 – ANGLE

ImagePhoto a Day – OCTOBER

Day # 8 – ANGLE

Stacy Alexander – 2012

The theme for today’s challenge is the word, “Angle” and the above photo represents my interpretation.  Admittedly, however, I cannot make a post about the word, “Angle” without mentioning a woman who, in my opinion, is one of the biggest political jokes alive today, Sharron Angle.


One simply doesn’t get much dumber than this woman.  Her willful ignorance goes far beyond the bounds of insanity into sheer stupidity.    She is typical dim-witted  tea party fare …and the joke of many political circles…and is it any wonder?  ..Do you know that this insipid  woman actually claimed that Muslim Sharia law  was taking hold in parts of the U.S?   You can’t make this stuff up, folks!   She is an embarrassment to herself and to this country….sort of like idiot Sarah Palin…but worse.


sharron angle ugly-1Willful ignorance is one of the things that is really wrong with this country today.  These idiots that refuse to fact check from reliable sources, the ones that rely upon FOX for their “news” and who admire idiots like Angle and Palin.  It boggles the mind, people!    I have zero patience for that kind of stupidity.  There is no excuse for it.

Just how crazy IS  Sharron Angle?    She is jaw-droppingly, insanely removed from reality!  Click HERE to read more.      Even her political ads are racist.      


Here are ten examples of what makes this woman fall into the idiot category, in my opinion.  One cannot make the claim that these quotes are taken out of context because they are not.  They are made in direct reference to the citations underneath each quote.  The bozo actually said these things!  

The 10 Most Ridiculous Sharron Angle Quotes (So Far)

Sharron Angle, in her own words

Sharron Angle is of the brainlessly stupid variety that evokes belly laughs from educated people.  A great example is when she chastised and berated a reporter for QUOTING HER!!  Isn’t that funny?!    She was questioned about something that she, herself, stated publicly on her website, and then called the reporter that repeated it, an “idiot”!   Again…ya can’t make this stuff up, folks.  They need a whole new word to describe how utterly dumb Sharron Angle is!   Click HERE to read the whole story about this incident.


Here are some of her other idiotic statements:

“I hope that’s not where we’re going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and saying my goodness what can we do to turn this country around? I’ll tell you the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.”
–Nevada GOP Senate nominee and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, floating the possibility of armed insurrection, interview with right-wing talk radio host Lars Larson in Portland, OR, January 20102.                                      
sharon angle ugly2
“People ask me, ‘What are you going to do to develop jobs in your state?’ Well, that’s not my job as a U.S. senator.”
–Sharron Angle, May 14, 20103.   <—-REALLY???  What a moron!!
“I think that two wrongs don’t make a right. And I have been in the situation of counseling young girls, not 13 but 15, who have had very at risk, difficult pregnancies. And my counsel was to look for some alternatives, which they did. And they found that they had made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade.”
–Sharron Angle, explaining why she is against abortion even in cases of rape or incest, July 8, 20104.  
“We needed to have the press be our friend … We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported.” <—this by the complete moron who chastised a reporter for quoting HER, calling him an idiot for repeating HER OWN WORDS!!!
–Sharron Angle, during an interview with Fox News Channel’s Carl Cameron, Aug. 2, 20105.
“We’re talking about a militant terrorist situation, which I believe it isn’t a widespread thing, but it is enough that we need to address, and we have been addressing it. My thoughts are these, first of all, Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas are on American soil, and under constitutional law. Not Sharia law. And I don’t know how that happened in the United States. It seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to even take hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States.”
–Sharron Angle, claiming that Muslim Sharia law is taking hold in parts of the U.S., Oct. 20106.
sharron angle ugly3
“You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job, but it doesn’t pay as much. And so that’s what’s happened to us is that we have put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry and said you don’t want the jobs that are available.”
— Sharron Angle, on unemployment benefits, interview with KRNO, July 14, 20107.
“You know what I’m talking about. You’re paying for things that you don’t even need. They just passed the latest one, is everything that they want to throw at us now is covered under ‘autism.’ So, that’s a mandate that you have to pay for. How about maternity leave? I’m not going to have any more babies, but I sure get to pay for it on my insurance. Those are the kinds of things that we want to get rid of.”
–Sharron Angle, mocking the notion that health care coverage for autism treatment and maternity leave should be mandated, 2009 Tea Party rally.
“So that’s what we want is a secure and sovereign nation and, you know, I don’t know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me. I don’t know that. What we know, what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot in this country. My grandchildren are evidence of that. I’m evidence of that. I’ve been called the first Asian legislator in our Nevada State Assembly.”
-Sharron Angle, speaking to a group of Hispanic high school students, Oct. 15, 2009.
 “When I said privatize, that’s what I meant. That I thought we would just have to go to the private sector for a template on how this is supposed to be done. However, I’ve since been studying and Chile has done this.”
–Sharron Angle, explaining why Social Security should be phased out in favor of a system resembling the one created in the 1980s by right-wing Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, Aug. 12, 201010.
“The Second Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms for our citizenry…This is for us…This is for us when our government becomes tyrannical…”
–Sharron Angle
More Sharron Angle Quotes:“The Federal Department of Education should be eliminated. The Department of Education is unconstitutional and should not be involved in education, at any level.” –Sharron Angle, July 12, 2010
“Government shouldn’t be doing that to a private company. And I think you named it clearly: It’s a slush fund.”–Sharron Angle, on the BP escrow account set up at President Obama’s urging to pay out oil spill claims, Alan Stock Show, July 7, 2010″They [Republicans] say, ‘You’re too conservative.’ Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I’m tired of some people calling me wacky.” –Sharron Angle, March 21, 2010
Well, Ms. Angle, if you’re tired of people calling you wacky, you might want to take a look at the ridiculous, dimwitted things that you say.  You and your brainless followers are shooting yourselves in the footsies, doll.


Knock it Off with the Diet Soda, Already!


I have never understood the concept of drinking diet soda.  Sure, it can save a lot of calories that one might find in a sugary soft drink, but still.  Why not just splash a little juice in the bottom of a glass and top it off with some sparkling water?  Tastes much better and it doesn’t fill your body with nasty Aspartame, Sucralose or Saccharin.  Who needs that kind of chemical cocktail cursing through his or her body?

Actually, I prefer a squeeze of lemon in a glass of stilled water.  That is my preferred drink, but once in awhile, I’ll splash some organic cranberry juice into the bottom of a glass and top it with lime sparkling water.  Light…refreshing and delicious!


The nastiness that is artificial sweetener causes the  taste buds to become insensitive to things that are naturally sweet, so if you’re used to drinking diet soda, the first time you make your own with juice and sparkling water, you probably won’t like it.   The *really* nasty thing about these artificial sweeteners is that they can trigger insulin the same way that real sugar does, which sends the body into fat storage mode, so they really don’t help anyone lose weight.  This, according to Brooke Alpert, RD, author of “The Sugar Detox.”


University of Texas researchers conducted a longitudinal study over a period of 10 years that supported evidence that drinking one diet soda per day can lead to being substantially  fatter than those  that opt  not to drink them.  That’s right, folks, the diet soda drinkers  had a 70% increase in their midsections!    Not only that, but a University of Minnesota study found that drinking only one diet soda per day showed a 36% increase of the risks associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome!


Why would anyone want to put anything into his or her body that has no nutritional value, whatsoever?  Why not just drink water?  We actually NEED water for our bodily processes.  Diet soda cannot fulfill those functions.  A lot of people complain that they get headaches when they drink artificially sweetened soft drinks as well.   Why put yourself through that?      Kinda dumb, if you ask me….like smoking cigarettes is dumb.     Death wish?   You only have one body.  Why not honor it by taking care of it?  Oh…and an article in the Journal of General Dentistry published research that compared the teeth of methamphetamine users, cocaine users and habitual diet soda drinkers, and guess what?  They found that all three of these things have the same level of citric acid, which destroys tooth enamel.    Just think about what is going to happen to your teeth if you drink diet soda AND smoke.  ick!   Shudder.  Gross!Image

While diet soda may taste good to those that are hooked on it…(It tastes disgusting to me!) the American Academy of Neurology found that folks who drank over 4 cups or cans of diet soda every day were more likely to be depressed.     Isn’t life hard enough without intentionally making it worse?

Sure, things like smoking or drinking diet soda are personal choices…but they’re really dumb choices, if you think about it.  Use some common sense and things will work out for you a whole lot better.


Husbands, Wives and Blue Jasmine


John and I went to see Woody Allen’s latest masterpiece, Blue Jasmine, last night.  The story is centered around a once-monied woman whose dependence on men resulted in her insanity and homelessness.

The film was an updated version of Tennessee Williams’s anti-heroine reveries about a faded Southern aristocracy that has been replaced by contemporary delusions that were bred by life as lived among the 1 percent in the Hamptons and in Manhattan.

The film begins with Jasmine’s (née Jeanette’s) arrival in San Francisco, broke but still flying first class, the dazed victim of a financial scandal involving her former husband.   Now homeless, she is forced to rely on the comfort of her adopted  sister, the slightly depressed, but still happy-go-lucky Ginger, who is romantically involved with a blue-collar lug named Chili.

Ginger resides in San Francisco’s version of the Barrio, and accepts her “lower” lot in life.  She works as a grocery clerk, a low, but honorable position in society.  Good, honest work.   Although she would love to “move up” she does what she has to do to get by.  Jasmine, on the other hand, cannot accept the fact that she has moved from point A to point B and dwells continually in her former state of wealth that disappeared from her grasp due to her reliance upon a man…her former husband…who let her down.

This film was written to perfection.  It was beautifully shot and directed very well.  I do not fault Allen’s failure to capture lower class San Francisco accurately, since he is such a New York-afile, but this was an unimportant detail in the overall scheme of things.  It was a great film!

It was also jarring.

How many women do you know that develop false senses of security because they are, or once were, married to wealthy men?  When I think of the ones in my own family, I feel ashamed and embarrassed.  When these marriages fail, they retain the sensibilities that their undeserved privileged lives once imparted,  and they become jokes in the eyes of society.

These individuals may still drive their luxury automobiles or wear their designer clothes, but they live in dumps and behave as though they are notches above their neighbors with whom they now share the same income brackets.  They need wake up calls to tell them that THINGS are just THINGS.  They need to come back down to earth and stop being pretentious.

Karma only tends to be a bitch if you are….and this goes for men and women alike.   Ones actions create that person’s  karma, and if someone wound up in the dregs of the low life, it is of her own doing.    Winding up as Cate Blanchet did  in Blue Jasmine  is not the fault of the crooked  ex husband.  It is the fault of the woman that places her faith in a man and thinks that it elevates her above other people.  Those types DESERVE to be taken down a notch or two, and I smile broadly as I think of a couple that this has happened to.

Women should be strong.  They should stop taking handouts from their husbands, generate their own income streams and be self-reliant and independent.  A marriage should be a partnership…Not a free ride.  Every person alive should learn to make his or her own way through this life.  If a spouse is successful, that is great.  However, one should not assume that another person’s success is HER success.  It isn’t.   Her husband’s success is HIS success.

Every woman should be strong and independent on her own.  She should prepare for life’s ups and downs and not put all her eggs into one basket.  She should become whole before marrying instead of expecting her husband to complete her.

If she doesn’t, she may just end up in a living hell where it is hot….hot….hot.    If she doesn’t become whole first, she will end up whining about her ex husband for the rest of her life and claiming that it was all HIS fault,  instead of living the good life that every woman should have.

Happy Holidays


Sometimes, I think the political Right will use any excuse they can find to undermine the President.  The latest is the term, “Happy holidays” as it refers to the new holiday tree that just went up in the White House.  They claim that President Obama is undermining Christianity by using the word, “holiday” rather than “Christmas”.  That claim is just dumb.  The man, himself, is a Christian.  Not only that, when the tree was rolled in on a horse drawn wagon, it had the words, “CHRISTMAS TREE” posted broadly on the side.

 The term, “Happy holidays” is used because this country consists of a lot of different religions AND the non-religious….and a ton of people celebrate in December….not just the Christians.   This is not exclusively a Christian country.  Remember?  The term, “Happy holidays” is inclusive of everyone.  It is not, at all, disrespectful toward Christians, because it literally means, “Holy days” AND it includes Christmas as well.

Please give this Presiden bashing a break, will ya?  It’s almost…dare I say it….CHRISTMAS!  HE says ,”Merry Christmas!”  Stop making crap up!