Art Day

I was up very early this morning, cooking breakfast for John and Ingrid, as Ingrid had her weekly sleepover with us last night.  After she left, I got busy and completed work on three articles and am now sketching out the details for the remaining three that I have to write over the next 72 hours.

In a couple of hours, John and I will be headed to Tacoma to finally meet Stacey Harvey Brown and Agnes Hauptli at B2 Gallery for another Nature in the Making reception.


I was shocked the first time I visited Tacoma because I had been told all kinds of negative things about it.  Both John and I found it delightful.  It is a nice little art Mecca hidden among the hills, on the water and is as lovely as lovely gets.  If you know the “old” Tacoma, you might be surprised by how much it has developed into a truly beautiful place.

We took our Maya there a few years ago, and had fun watching the glass blowers in the Chihuly museum.  Fascinating and a lot of fun to watch.

Mt. Rainier looms in the background and there are a zillion opportunities for awesome photography.


Can’t wait, but if I’m going to go, I need to get off this computer….so goodbye for now.  Hope all of you are having as great a Sunday as I am!

Day #29 – BIG


Photo a day – NOVEMBER

Day #29 – BIG

©Stacy Alexander – 2012

Day # 27 – MORNING


Photo a Day – OCTOBER

Day # 27 – MORNING

Stacy Alexander – 2012