An Evening at Xico

My 89 year old father (in another state) suffered a serious medical setback yesterday, so my heart was heavy with worry all day.  Fortunately, he came through the procedure with flying colors and was recovering rapidly last night, so I met a friend for dinner to celebrate that and to simply relieve some of theContinue reading “An Evening at Xico”

This is MY Neighborhood!

I nabbed this article from the Oregonian.  It is about my neighborhood.  Our house is 1 block off of Division Street and within walking distance of some of the best restaurants imaginable!  I do not agree with the article about the hood loosing its charm, however.  We welcome and embrace these new developments.  They’re awesome! Continue reading “This is MY Neighborhood!”

You Are the Sunshine of My Life – Portland’s Sunshine Tavern

“You Are the Sunshine of my Life” is a song that has been cursing through my brain over the last week (for unspeakable reasons), so tonight, I decided to walk down the street to the Sunshine Tavern, a relatively new eating establishment/tavern in the hood. Loved the atmosphere, with books stacked on a shelf andContinue reading “You Are the Sunshine of My Life – Portland’s Sunshine Tavern”

Considering Food and Booze

I have always cared about what I have eaten, but not to the extent that I now do….and alcohol has never played a prominent role in my life… other than to spark a mild  interest in studying the cultivation of grapes and the manufacture of wine, ( since I have family in the wine businessContinue reading “Considering Food and Booze”

Cafe of Life – Vita Cafe!

Since we were out of town for our daughter’s recent birthday, we offered to take her to dinner at the restaurant of her choice this evening, as a belated celebration.  She chose Vita Cafe in Portland’s Alberta Arts district. The interior of Vita Cafe is quietly simple, with a hipster/industrial feel.  It is cozy, butContinue reading “Cafe of Life – Vita Cafe!”