Don’t Shoot the Messenger! – The Psychological Purpose for Denial

  Are any of you familiar with the Tom Stoppard absurdist  play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?   It is about how two servants (that had minor roles in Shakespeare’s Hamlet)  were so naive that they walked into a situation that ended them, just because they delivered a message that someone didn’t want to hear.Continue reading “Don’t Shoot the Messenger! – The Psychological Purpose for Denial”

The Perils of Long Distance Love

Long distance relationships can’t work…or so  the colloquial wisdom goes. Ok…maybe they’ll work for a while: You’ll exchange a few texts, talk on the phone when you can both steal moments alone, maybe visit once in a while, have great sex, enjoy your time together thoroughly….. But the heartache of being apart and living separateContinue reading “The Perils of Long Distance Love”

When the Abuser is a Woman

I am an advocate for women. That is what makes writing this post so difficult.   I have done volunteer work at a rape crisis center, have volunteered in a battered women’s shelter, have assisted women in crisis.  I am sympathetic to the plights of women as minorities, and empathize with the inequities that existContinue reading “When the Abuser is a Woman”