Hey, Hey Paula…..


By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that Paula Dean has been fired from the Food Network for using the “N” word in a court deposition, as well as for various shady business practices.  This has been devastating for fans of wadding pork sausage into a clump, then wrapping it around a corndog-sized stick and deep frying it in oil, everywhere!  And while this bruhaha has provided a spike for talk show ratings, Paula herself, is said to be so upset that she is now on the verge of a second facial expression.

“We’ve learned that Paula used the N-word repeatedly, tried to get black actors to play slaves for a wedding party — classy — tried to name a dish the ‘Sambo Burger’ and in her own bio points out how she abused the child of the black nanny that cared for her and eventually got the nanny herself locked up. You know, the kind of stuff misunderstood folks do every day.” — John Fugelsang

Should she have been fired for this?  You be the judge.  IS Paula Dean a racist?  She supposedly has a lot of friends that are African-American.  She voted for President Obama.  ….and while we should applaud anyone who can rise from obscurity late in life and build an empire that has included so many “nice folks” this might just be one more case of a “non-racist” with no hatred in their hearts, ya’ll…who just REALLY likes to say a certain word that begins with “N” and that rhymes with, “Gold digger”.    Do you agree that we need a whole new word for people who are not bigots, but that are just so oblivious that they keep on saying racist stuff that perpetuates the very racism that they claim to be against?


These are the ignorant ignoramus racists (i.e. the igbo-racists), the ignorant racists who are not quite aware of just how racist they really are.  However, the REAL Paula Dean scandal lies in yet another issue.  You see, after decades of serving empty calories to a literally widening audience that is now supposed to be offended because Mz. Paula said a bad word, people are beginning to wake up and understand that Paula Dean doesn’t hate any ONE group of people.  She apparently hates the arteries of ALL people!


This woman has spent years cheerfully and legally poisoning her fellow Americans.  She has enabled their obesity, clogged their arteries and has filled their guts with savory “home style” dishes such as the 3-meat pasta that consists of sausage, ham, chicken, sour cream and a whopping 1 cup of shredded cheese per serving (!!!) or her lovely Krispy Kreme bread pudding which contains two dozen of the doughnuts that helped kill Elvis, clocking in at a whopping 8,160 calories (!!!) or the bacon-cheeseburger meatloaf, or the batter-fried jello with pork sausage and marshmallow lasagna (joke).

It hasn’t been that long ago that Ms. Dean revealed that she has been suffering from diabetes.  Did that stop her promotion of unhealthy table fare?  Did she repent?  Did she change her ways?   No way!  The woman continued to push the fried foods, the sugar-laden desserts and the circulatory-system stifling stuffings for her eager demographic of future stroke patients.  THEN, she decided to accept a butt-load of cash to promote a diabetes drug!  Food is your drug….and when that starts killing you, head for the medications!  THAT is when Paula Dean should have been fired for cruel indifference to human biology!  She should have lost her job before this whole racist thing ever came to light.

Paula Dean is not resented for getting sick.  She is resented for continuing to cash in on promoting behaviors that could cause others to get sick, while profiting handsomely on the medication that is used to treat them when they do!  She is like the heroine dealer that gets his or her customers so addicted to the drug that she decides to go that extra mile, do the right thing and also sell them methadone while still selling smack to everyone who hasn’t reached that stage of their addictions yet.  The problem with Paula Dean is not all the racism that spills out of her mouth like vomit.  The REAL problem is what she keeps trying to stuff into YOURS.


Is she racist?  Well, of course she is….but she is a whole lot more than that.  This woman does not deserve a public position.