Ecola State Park – Cannon Beach, Oregon

What better adventure is there on a beautiful Oregon afternoon in June, than to take off for places we’d never been?  This time, it was Ecola National Park near Cannon Beach on the incredible Oregon Coast.   We have been to Cannon Beach many times, but this was our first trip to Ecola Park.  William Clark,Continue reading “Ecola State Park – Cannon Beach, Oregon”

Portland, Pick Your Own!

  There are SO many reasons to love Portland….and I do.  Here is yet another! We live in the heart of a busy section of Portland, one that gets busier, in fact, every day.  Developers have come onto Division street, one block from our place, and are ripping out old businesses and putting in newContinue reading “Portland, Pick Your Own!”

Soft, Gentle and Beautiful Portland

I was talking on the phone this evening, with a friend who lives in a harsh climate, and I was trying to tell him what it is like here in Portland during the springtime.  I used the words “soft” and “gentle” and “loving” a “wonderland”…yet I still did not convey in words the wonders thatContinue reading “Soft, Gentle and Beautiful Portland”

Snow Day in Portland

It snows infrequently in Portland.  This morning, when I saw the first flakes drifting from the gray sky, I thought to check the hummingbird feeder.  Sure enough, it was frozen solid, so I brought it indoors, thawed it out and refilled it with nectar concentrate, this time, using warm water.  No sooner had I hungContinue reading “Snow Day in Portland”