Memorial Day Weekend

John and I have spent a good deal of this evening trying to procure a weekend getaway spot on the coast.  It looks like we might be in luck, but we won’t know until tomorrow.  We are surprised that there are any places available at all, since we chose to wait until the last minute….andContinue reading “Memorial Day Weekend”

It’s Always Somethin’

I have traveled a lot and I have lived in a wide variety of places. Each one of them has a “thing”….a stereotype  that annoyingly distinguishes it from other places.  For example, when we lived in Houston, the “thing” was tailgating.   It mattered not if I was driving 5 miles ahead of another car,Continue reading “It’s Always Somethin’”

Livin’ the Coffee Life

If there is one common factor  that ties all people in the Pacific NW together, it is the coffee gene.  We all have it….and we all have to have our coffee.   …NOW! I lived in Houston the first time I ever visited Portland, where I now live.    One day, I read there wasContinue reading “Livin’ the Coffee Life”