How Not to Die

  I am very excited to announce the long-awaited book by my nutrition guru, Dr. Michael Greger.  Folks, this is a revolutionary breakthrough in medical research that will blow your minds!  Pick up a copy by visiting   This is the book that will change your life forever.  Would make a great holiday gift asContinue reading “How Not to Die”

Dark Chocolate and Heart Health – Avoid the milk!

This topic interests me greatly, since my husband has a heart condition. Each year, Dr. Michael Greger does a search of the latest empirical research on nutrition and presents these facts in a series of videos on his website: His qualifications as an expert on nutrition are unsurpassed. He is a widely respected authorityContinue reading “Dark Chocolate and Heart Health – Avoid the milk!”

Smooth Operator

  A friend refers to me as the Smoothie Queen.  Indeed, I do make a lot of smoothies.  They are easy, delicious ways to get a lot of nutrients, including a good deal of protein, and there are so many delicious flavor combinations that they never get boring.  This morning’s dominant flavor was banana/almond/strawberry. IContinue reading “Smooth Operator”

Considering Food and Booze

I have always cared about what I have eaten, but not to the extent that I now do….and alcohol has never played a prominent role in my life… other than to spark a mild  interest in studying the cultivation of grapes and the manufacture of wine, ( since I have family in the wine businessContinue reading “Considering Food and Booze”