Hello 2015!

Happy New Year


We celebrated long into the night to bring in the New Year.  John and I were guests of our friend, Toni,  and her British boyfriend, Peter, and another Brit, who was also named Peter, at a local Jazz club.  The music was an incredible mix of jazz and classic rock tunes from the 60’s and every subsequent decade to contemporary times.  We had a lovely dinner and danced the night away…..with plenty of cowbell.

( Wait….do you recognize this woman?! 😉 )


The club is called, “Arrivederci” and was a delightful surprise to us.  We do not frequent businesses in the suburb of Milwaukie because we have everything we need in our own neighborhood.  It probably would never have occurred to us to go there, had we not received the kind invitation to join Toni and the two British P’s.  However, we were so pleased that we went… and already have plans to go back.  It is a cozy, tasteful Italian restaurant that schedules world class musicians on a regular basis, really good food and a nice selection of area wines.  The owner, who is a friend of Toni, often stands in with the band and plays a dynamic jazz sax, which he did on New Years, and he sings.

white rabbit

The band was comprised of a compilation of musicians from other bands to create a one-night “New Years Eve” combo.  (That’s what they called themselves.)  They were great!

  We had so much fun!  The conversation (between songs) was lively and we could not have asked for better company.

stacy sings

John and I spent a quiet day at home yesterday, doing as little as possible.  I made some good food, and we noshed throughout the day. He went out for a bit to get us a salad for dinner from St. Honerie Boulangerie,  but I stayed in and laid low.   Had some good talks.  Read.  Watched a little telly together.  Thus far, 2015 has been a good year.  I have highest hopes that it will continue to get better and better!

Oh…and I have to mention one other thing.  Yesterday, on New Year’s Day, our orchid plant bloomed full force.  This had special significance for us (which I won’t go into) but also symbolizes the delicate balance of life and the incredible number of things that we both have to be thankful for at this time.  This flower is a miracle! Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Wishing all of you the very best.


Self Acceptance in The New Year

This year.   I have an exercise for you.  This is about self loathing. And self-acceptance.


Take a plain white sheet of paper.  Fresh paper.  No lines.  And get a really good ink pen…whatever kind you like.  Then….make a list.  Write the numbers 1 – 10 in a line down the page.

Next, list the top ten things that you loathe about yourself.  It could be anything.  Your hair.  Your inability to come up with a clever witticism when needed.  Your inability to perform mathematical calculations.  You’re a lousy cook.  You think you’re too fat.  You hate the sound of your own voice.  Whatever you don’t like about yourself….Write it down.



BURN IT!!!                                     René Best guitarist

That’s right.  Take the list outside and set that mo-fo on fire!  Burn up every single negative, self-loathing thing you said about yourself…and when the fire goes out and you are left with ash….send it up to the sky!  Let the breeze carry it away!


Then….Make a new list.

Make a bunch of lists.  Put them up all over your house.  List the things you love about your life.  List the things you love about yourself.  List those things you are grateful for.  List the people and things that make you happy.

Then smile.

There is nothing wrong with you.   Everything is as it should be for now.  Everything is going to be alright.



A New Year is upon us and I enter it with a head and heart full of hope.  Wishing all of you a very Happy 2014.  May you prosper and love.  May you laugh and be happy.

My husband and I have tickets for a dance to ring in the new year tonight.  We’re going with my future business partner, Toni, and her boyfriend, Peter, who is visiting from England.  A Brazilian combo will be playing tonight, and there will be food and bubbly…and a big group of artists joining us.  Looking forward to it, even though my heart is being tugged in a different direction.  It will be fun, in any case.

I hope that all of you have a safe time tonight, and that you ring in the new year with best intentions to make this a fabulous year.  Fabulous.  I have spoken to friends from all over the country today.  Some will be working.  Some will be playing.  My heart is there as well. new year

Love to all,


The Obligatory End of Year Post

Happy New Year to all people as we continue our Ascension of Consciousness climbing a stairway to the stars with a realization that the key to the Kingdom is within us. Let’s get those Chakras spinning with focus on Health, Prosperity and Love.

Before my celebration with friends and family begins, I suppose I should write the obligatory end of year post.  2012 was, for the most part, a great year for me.  It ends, leaving me with much to be grateful for.   You readers are someone I would like to thank.  I have enjoyed meeting those of you who have dropped me lines and left comments.  I truly do appreciate the fact that you read this blog.  162 new readers have subscribed this year.  I am blown away by that fact and deeply humbled.  I will try not to let you down in the new year.

Thank you and have a great New Year!

I am happy, at the end of 2012, that my  family is thriving here in Portland and in Texas. Everyone is leading good lives and being happy and productive.  I am so proud of them.  My daughter, the taxonomist/librarian, just scored an excellent job at a local university.  My son was voted, “Most Valuable Employee” at his techy job in Houston.  My other daughter is on the Dean’s List and Honor Roll at North Texas in Denton.  They are all strong, independent, wonderful souls and I am so lucky  to have them and their families in my life.

In other news….

Here at the end of the year, my husband just finished his first play.  Several theater companies have shown an interest in it already.  He is getting very positive feedback, which does not surprise me a bit,  since he is a brilliant man.  I am very proud of him, not just for the play, but for being the kind, intelligent and handsome person that he is.

I am grateful that my own business is thriving and that  I have a steady flow of writing work to keep me busy.   I am also still working on my long-term personal writing projects …a novel, a cookbook, et al.   I am creating art again and currently have two mosaics going and am designing another.   I joined a gym and am still having a lot of fun and loving life in beautiful Portland.

I have enjoyed my friends during 2012, and am so thankful that they are all in my life.  Special thanks to one special friend who, in the face of continual adversity, has been my beacon and my steady companion from afar.  We are “connected at the heart”, as he likes to say. “I love you with my whole heart,” as I like to say.  It is so nice to have close friends like this….wonderful, actually.

I have also reconnected with old friends, one of whom (Kat) is planning a visit from Texas this spring.  It was great spending time with my friend, Sheryl, from Seattle, and her partner, Dylan, this year, and connecting with Toni and other friends as well.   Sheryl and I have been friends for many, many years.  We first met back in Texas when I lived there.  Cindi, a new artist friend visited me here in Portland, too.  There are far too many people who have touched my life in this past year,  to list here now, but I am grateful for them all.

I do have to mention how  fortunate I have been to have reconnected with a cousin who I have not seen since childhood.  She has become a close friend and confidant.  We share our stories and lives in ways that I have wished I could share with a relative for my whole life.  She is a true gift to me, a beautiful person and someone I am so thankful to have in my life now.

With each new day, I find something more to be thankful for.   I wish each of you a great 2013.  Let’s get out there and show ’em a thing or two!  201213