This is MY Neighborhood!

I nabbed this article from the Oregonian.  It is about my neighborhood.  Our house is 1 block off of Division Street and within walking distance of some of the best restaurants imaginable!  I do not agree with the article about the hood loosing its charm, however.  We welcome and embrace these new developments.  They’re awesome!  We love the transformation our neighborhood is taking!

Portland’s SE Division Street named one of top 10 up-and-coming neighborhoods nationwide



The city of Portland approved a controversial apartment complex, which provided no parking, near this section of Division Street in Southeast Portland, seen here in 2013. (The Oregonian/Beth Nakamura)


Southeast Division Street’s restaurant scene has once again received national accolade.

USA Today named the Southeast Portland district one of the top 10 up-and-coming neighborhoods in the nation.

“Southeast Portland’s Division Street has been slowly evolving into Portland’s hottest food neighborhood for more than 10 years, led by now legendary pioneers Pok Pok and Stumptown Coffee,” Leif Pettersen writes for the national outlet.

While few are likely to argue with the street’s culinary merit, nearby residents frequently lament rapid and perhaps less-than-cohesive development.

Heather Flint Chatto, an urban planner and member of the Richmond Neighborhood Association said the street is losing its neighborhood feel as a result of that up-and-coming status.

“These new big buildings are all like, ‘Look at me!’ and they could be anywhere,” she said. “They draw a lot of attention to themselves to the detriment of the district.”

In response to the multitude of new apartment and commercial buildings, Flint Chatto is leading the Division Design Initiative, a neighbor-led effort to establish a set of design guidelines for development on the street.

The committee doesn’t have the authority to impose design standards, but Flint Chatto said there is still value in creating a vision. Most neighbors don’t know how to talk with developers about design, she said, so one of the committee’s goals is to produce a booklet or similar tool residents can use to send a consistent message.

The project is still in the early stages of public involvement. Next month large installations shaped like recognizable icons (such as a heart, light bulb or thought bubble) will appear along the street with opportunities for passersby to answer simple questions about the street’s design.

You can help shape the committee’s design recommendations now by taking their survey, designed by a Portland State University student. Also, keep an eye out next month for those installations when you’re on the street grabbing an award-winning dinner.

— Melissa Binder

The Oregonian

Lauretta Jeans in Portland…It’s a Happy Pie Wonderland….with Booze


I was sad when our little neighborhood coffee shop, Pix left…but I’m fickle in the fact that since Lauretta Jeans has taken their place, I don’t really care where they went, ’cause Lauretta Jeans is a happy pie wonderland….with booze.


Lauretta Jeans is a simply appointed little spot on Division that is reminiscent of days past.  There are bar stools at the windows and a single line of seats across one wall, and a few tables out on the sidewalk.  A few retro elements exist inside like cool art and vintage bar stools

The folks who work there are friendly and accommodating.  Who could ask for more?


The simplicity of the place speaks lightly to its appeal.  The REAL draw lies in the OMG baked goods and the full bar.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen….this is a bakery with a full bar.   Boozy baked goods are the latest craze in Portland.  Another bakery/bar just opened up down the street.

Lauretta Jeans serves brunch on weekends when they feature such delectables as biscuits with shaved asparagus in  a light lemon sauce….and vegetable hand pies.  Hand pies are very big in Portland right now…and I love them!  Golden and delicious…they are a reason to get up in the morning.


Although I am not much of a boozer…I love the fact that they do serve booze.  I, however, go in for the soy latte….the excellent, excellent soy latte….thick, rich and delicious!  Their coffee drinks are superb!


Their biscuits are absolute perfection…golden brown, flakey…a little crunchy on the outside….Who could ask for more?  Isn’t that what life is really about?  A good biscuit?  I think so!


Of course, if you would prefer a muffin….Lauretta Jean’s are baked fresh daily and come in a wide assortment of flavors.


The scones are a bit on the magnificent side as well!   They are rolled like pinwheels and are texturally interesting, flavorful taste treats that are unsurpassed by any other scones I have tried elsewhere.


Of course, if one is a fan of flaky things savory, then the breakfast galette is the way to go!  Delightful on the taste buds….a true visual feast for the eyes.


Ah, but the ultimate diamond in the boozy bakery crown is the Lauretta Jeans pie.  Cream pies…fruit pies…coconut pies…salted lemon pie…chocolate pie…tart cherry pie….apple/blackberry pie with brandy….Never in my entire life had I had pie as good as this.  This is serious pie!

Every week, when 3 year old Ingrid gets to choose a favorite treat, she chooses Lauretta Jean’s pie….and who could blame the adorable child?  It is the absolute best pie in the universe!  (We haven’t let her try the booze quite yet…but I’ve heard the bartender can knock out a mean Bloody Mary!)