How Not to Die

  I am very excited to announce the long-awaited book by my nutrition guru, Dr. Michael Greger.  Folks, this is a revolutionary breakthrough in medical research that will blow your minds!  Pick up a copy by visiting   This is the book that will change your life forever.  Would make a great holiday gift asContinue reading “How Not to Die”

Pannekoeken and Mountain Exercise

arist When we lived in Western Massachusetts, twice a month we would go to a little German pancake place in a nearby town for their outrageous Apple Pannekoeken.   For those of you unfamiliar with Pannekoeken, it is a gigantic Dutch/Belgian-style puff-pillow of a pancake that comes filled with fruit or custard or plain, to beContinue reading “Pannekoeken and Mountain Exercise”

Fall Back Films….

Do you have any films that you watch over and over? I sure do. I call these my “fall back” films. “Harold and Maude” is one. I have to watch that film at least twice a year, no matter what. Robert Altman’s, “3 Women” is another…..such a twisted, disturbing film, but hilarious in its ownContinue reading “Fall Back Films….”