I Love Days Like Today

ImageI cannot tell you how thankful I am that my husband and I get along  as well together as we do.

Both of us stay so busy with our work and our individual life activities that when we have a day like this one, it really stands out as a pleasant time.

John will never admit just how creative he is, but indeed, he is.  No sooner do I design something, or even suggest it, and he will be on top of it, making it happen.  For instance, right now, he is building a pretty wooden stand to set our microwave on so that my chopping boards can slide under it.

Prompted by  soon-to-be arriving house guests, I  am redesigning the entire kitchen space and storage areas.  Our kitchen is tiny and I have a lot of nice kitchen equipment without dedicated spaces, so am coming up with creative storage ideas that will add more space and ease of functionality.

Today, John  hung our new blinds in the living and dining room.  I have never really cared for bamboo matchstick blinds, but since he put in the new bamboo floors and we bought a mid century modern credenza, they were the best thing to tie those two elements together.  They are replacing some much more formal silvery/blue Dupioni silk drapes that just looked out of place hanging there.   We got some “nicer” bamboo blinds with pretty stitching running down the front and a little built in valance.  I ended up loving the way they look hanging, and John did such a great job of putting them up.  They let in a lot of light while providing the privacy that we both want.


So…this is the “before” picture.  We have bamboo floors now…and a beautiful jute rug…and a credenza in front of that window…shown in the “after” picture of the bamboo blinds below.  Much lighter.  Better.

living room


I went off to a guitar lesson.  When I returned to the scene, he had hung three of the aprons from my handmade apron collection above our pantry.  I collect handmade aprons that were created by famous and semi-famous artists, made  from some very cool fabrics. but until now, I’ve not had the space to display them very well.  They look great  hanging there and I was taken by his desire to help me display them in this small space.  I have many others, but he chose the three that fit there most perfectly.  John is very considerate in that way.  He tries to think outside of the box and to consider what we both would like.  It is nice that I don’t even have to ask him to do these types of things.  We are both on the same page in that respect and we work so well together.


Our next project is to paint the kitchen.  The walls behind me when I took the picture above, are dark blue.  We are going to take them back to their original cream color, and then John is going to add some gorgeous green glass tiles in a couple of places for a back splash.  This will go behind the stove and, perhaps, in a few other places.  There is very limited wall space, so we will have to plan carefully.

John  did the big project in the front yard that I’ve already blogged about….

yard6 rocks1yard8 finale

…….and he transformed our little side yard into a lovely little Zen garden where we can relax and entertain.  Since he did this, we have added more plants and a water feature, so it looks quite cozy.   Image Our goals of doing certain things before our summer guests arrive are getting checked off the list one by one and this makes me very happy.  He’s a go-getter….and I’m very grateful.