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A Good Day for a Tea Party (the non-political kind)

A Good Day for a Tea Party (the non-political kind)

Sunday was the perfect day for a tea party, an activity that our Ingrid enjoys immensely.   We took a little trip  to the Lan Su Chinese Garden  nestled into the middle of Portland’s Chinatown,  amidst a backdrop of downtown skyscrapers.  This little oasis has always been a favorite place for us to visit.


The weather was not perfect, but we didn’t mind.  There are fewer visitors to the garden on rainy days.  There was a short wait at the tea room, but we were soon seated and enjoyed an afternoon of silver needle tea, music and food.

Everything about this place is peaceful, balanced and serene.


We had tiny coconut tea cakes and thousand year old eggs.  We had slices of fresh mango and lychee fruit.  It was all good!


thousand year eggs

Ingrid was fascinated by the calligrapher.  He made a beautiful painting of her name.

calligraphy ingrid

Ingrid adores John.  They sat by the water and talked for a long time…about the time he visited China, about the koi, about tea and about the scavenger hunt that the children at the garden are given the opportunity to participate in.  Ingrid had such a good time finding everything that was printed out on her guide.

ingrid and john

Every tree, every plant, every stone, everything at this Chinese garden was actually imported here  from China.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.11.25 AM

It is our own little Portland-Chinese oasis.


The best part about these little day trips is the part where we get to build memories for Ingrid to carry with her long after the two of us are gone.  We work very hard to assure she has these treasures to build upon, times and knowledge that she will pass on to her children and they to their own.  This is what life is all about.  This is the true meaning of family.

Ingrid chinese garden

Year of the Snake in Portland, Oregon!



Ingrid  Celebrates Chinese New Year, 2013!

The Chinese New Year begins February 10, with celebrations continuing for two weeks.  It is a time to welcome longevity, wealth, and prosperity and to eliminate negative energy from the past.  2013  is the Year of the Snake.  People who were born in 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, or 1917 are all snakes.  One of my closest friends and I were born in the year of the snake.  We are said to be thoughtful, refined, wise, rational, and insightful, graceful, exciting, and dark! 😉

Today, our 3 year old grandchild,  Ingrid,  celebrated at Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden.  This is one of my personal favorite places to go and is considered to be one of Portland’s greatest treasures.


Today’s event included lion dances, martial arts demonstrations, feng shui talks, dance and music performances, plant talks and much more.


 Later in the week, I will be attending a special lantern viewing at the gardens.   This is a magical evening in the garden that includes the chance to see Lan Su come alive with dozens of red lanterns hanging from pavilions and hundreds of floating lanterns in Lake Zither. Very beautiful!


Today was Ingrid’s first trip to the Chinese Gardens and she loved it there!  It is no wonder she did.  This is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and interesting places in Portland.  Once one enters the gates, he or she is seemingly transported to another place and time.  So hard to believe it is right in the middle of the city!


It is a special place all year around, but today’s festive decorations made it even more more special!  She was dressed for the occasion, too!


Being a natural-born musician who already has her own trap set, Ingrid was fascinated with the Chinese drums.


And, of course, no Chinese New Year celebration would be complete without NOODLES!!


If you ever find yourself in our fair city, I highly recommend visiting the Lan Su Chinese Garden, and if you go, please visit  the Teahouse.  Sample a pairing of tea and traditional snacks specially chosen for the Garden as you take time to simply sit and enjoy the views enfolding before you. I guarantee a peaceful experience that you will not forget!  The Lan Su Chinese Garden is located at the corner of NW 3rd & Everett in our historic Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood downtown.  The garden is  centrally located and easily accessible from all parts of the city by car and public transit and by foot .  Trust me when I say it is well worth the visit!