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Today is an excellent day for juicing!


20140108-155949.jpg‘Twas a rainy day  in Portland today.  I thought that since it was raining and the middle of the week, not many people would be out grocery shopping.  I was wrong!  Seemed like everyone was there today…the whole city!   But with produce this beautiful, who can complain?




I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables, and some ginger, which I put into all my juices, and I came home, fired up the Breville juicer and went to town!



I must say, this was a nice diversion from writing about home repairs in Bethesda, MD. or working on my statistics homework, or writing that paper that is due soon about personality theory.  I love the whirring sound the juicer makes and I love the deep, rich, green color of the juice as it comes out of the spout!  This WAS an excellent day for juicing!

René Best guitarist

20140108-160036.jpgAnd this juice was DELICIOUS!!


Harlow for Breakfast



harlow logo

Portland’s trendy new vegetarian restaurant, Harlow, located at 3632 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, near our home, was on my shit list at first.  Our initiation to this beautiful, spacious restaurant was less than desirable.  We felt we were treated rudely and swore never to return…..but alas, perhaps I judged too quickly.  Today’s experience was different….better…and now, I think I’m a fan.

harlow interior

Harlow requires its customers to wait in line and order at the counter.  I do not like this.  However, in their defense, they do bring their customers’ food to the table and the food selections are fantastic.  For instance, they offer an entire array of Health Elixirs, such as   the Wellness Shot of ginger juice, lemon, cayenne and echinacea or the Super Greens Lemonade, consisting of house made lemonade with cucumber, spinach, kale and chlorophyll.   They also sell Wheatgrass shots and Ginger shots, fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, Soma Kombucha, coconut cider, consisting of fresh apple juice, ginger juice, steamed with Harlow’s house spice blend and coconut milk.

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch.  It is very spacious with a lovely mix of old and new decor.  Very tasteful and comfortable, albeit noisy .  I do not care for the whole “serve yourself” drink aspect and a few other things.  A restaurant this nice should have table service, in my opinion, and drinks should be served accordingly….but whatever.  The food is so good here that it sort of makes up for these annoying inconveniences.

harlow table

harlow lights

We have not yet tried Harlow for lunch.  However, they do have some interesting offerings, such as the Dragon Bowl, consisting of one’s choice of rice or quinoa, beans, sea vegetables, avocado, steamed greens, sesame seeds, scallions, raw cabbage and a choice of sauces, or the Bliss Salad or dried currants and figs, roasted hazelnuts, hemp and poppy seeds, quinoa, beets, carrots, sprouts and mixed greens with lemon ginger dressing.  They have a couple of heart-healthy pasta dishes ….and even nachos….so there is some interesting variety there.

The first time we ate there for breakfast, I ordered the Bravo Bowl consisting of yam rice, shredded kale, mixed greens, an avocado half, tempeh taco crumbles and sundried tomatoes servecd with jalapeno cashew cheese and cilantro cream.  It was heavenly!  Some of the best food I’d ever eaten.  I had a Super Berry Smoothie go go along with it.  It was made of strawberries, marionberries, bananas, goji berried, hemp seeds and Warrior Protein.   Too bad the staff was so rude….not just to us, but we observed this behavior toward others as well….because the food was so good.


That day, John ordered pancakes that were very good, too, and we both woke this morning hungry for them, so we decided to give the restaurant a second chance.

blueberry cakes

I opted for the lemon poppy quinoa pancakes.  These high protein delights were served with blueberry compote, real maple syrup and vegan spread.  They were delicious…crunchy along the edges, beautifully browned, soft and yummy on the inside, served nice and hot.  They were, however, very filling, so I ate less than half a serving and am still feeling full an hour later.  I also had the Beaulah Land juice that consisted of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, apple juice, celery and fresh  mint.  I could have made a meal of that alone.  It was delightful.

banana cakes

John has the oatmeal banana walnut pancakes serviced up hot with maple syrup, sliced bananas, coconut and vegan spread.  I had a taste and wow!  They were fantastic.

harlow diner

This time around, the staff was VERY polite!  They, in fact, went out of their way to be warm and welcoming and to attend our every need.  Someone checked on our table frequently to make sure we were enjoying our breakfast, which we were, and we received many smiles and polite conversation.  It should be noted that the two people that were so rude to us last time were not there today.  Hopefully, we will not encounter the likes of them again….because we DO plan to return.  The food is great.    The good outweighs the annoying, and Harlow is in the hood.

Confessions of a Juice Fanatic



There lacks sufficient bandwidth for me to list the numerous benefits of juicing in their entirety. Suffice it to say, there are many. Juicing allows us to get the essential minerals and vitamins that we need, from veggies and fruits, in a fast, digestible form. When done properly, juice can provide an entire meal in a single glass. It is the ultimate fast food.


My personal adventure with serious juicing began with my purchase of the Breville 800JEXL Juicer, Juice Fountain Elite. This sleek, futuristic looking powerhouse of juicing goodness first attracted the attention of this artist’s eye by virtue of its fancy-schmancy stainless steel, sculptural-quality design. After I read the well-written manufacturer’s specs, I decided that it must be mine. About 5 days later, it was, and I found myself at the beginning of the path to an even juicier life than usual.


Juicing…at least juicing the way that I juice, can be quite expensive. However, expense is relative. I can spend my money on locally grown organic produce, or I can spend it on medical bills. I choose the former. It tastes better than antibiotics.


I buy my produce at New Seasons Market, where my son-in-law, Nate, works. New Seasons is Portland’s non-pretentious answer to Whole Foods. There happens to be one within walking distance of where I live, so New Seasons it is. They always have a wide array of beautifully arranged organic produce, and when I shop for juicing fare, I tend to select both fruits and veggies alike, to make a rainbow of color in my shopping cart.


The secret of delicious juice is to always, regardless of the other ingredients, add one whole lemon, one 2” piece of peeled, fresh ginger and an apple. That is the base to all of my juices. It makes juiced broccoli taste sweet and peppy. It makes juiced collard greens more palatable, and, in fact, makes all juice taste delightful. The ginger is a good source of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Manganese. The lemon, of course, also supplies Vitamin C, as well as Folate and Potassium. Granted, it has more sugar than I normally like to eat, but its other nutritional values justify that. Sometimes, I use half the lemon and toss in a handful of raw cranberries. Cranberries are an excellent source of Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) and Vitamin K, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C and Manganese. The apple also packs in the Vitamin C, as well as fiber, but again…a lot of sugar.


I make a cranberry drink in my blender, also, because I enjoy it rather chunky rather than liquid-y. It is sour, but is a great energy drink, consisting of cranberries, water and a scoop of green powder (alfalfa, barley grass and other greens). This drink is an acquired taste. I don’t think the majority of you would probably like it, but I do.


When I juice, I do not get sick. When I stop juicing, I do. While I understand that correlation does not necessarily imply causation, my body feels that this is the cause, so I’ll (foolishly, perhaps) believe that it keeps me healthy. I am currently recovering from a 3-month illness, and I did not juice during that time. I started juicing again last week and have almost fully recovered. Go figure. (or, as Lisa Vanderpump says, “Go figga!”)


The best thing about juicing is that the fresh juice tastes good. I can get picky eater, 3 yr. old Ingrid, to eat lots of leafy greens by giving them to her in juice form. She loves my juice. She hates the noise the juicer makes, but she does love the juice. I freeze it, sometimes, and make green juice popsicles for her. She loves those as well.


Once or twice a year, I go on the ‘Reboot Your Life’ juice diet where I consume nothing but juice for at least 5 days. The longest I have ever done it was 30 days, and I lost 1 pound per day, so had to stop so I wouldn’t dry up and blow away….but I have to say, I felt great, was in a great mood. My hair and skin looked healthier than ever. The rapid weight loss, however, wasn’t wise, so I stopped. Otherwise, I would have stayed on it indefinitely, I think. It was wholly satisfying.


All of my juices contain leafy greens….a LOT of leafy greens…..whatever is in season at the moment….kale, chard, spinach, collards, mustard greens….and I try to put in cruciferous veggies each time I juice as well…..cabbage, brussels sprouts, et al. As a general rule, I try to ‘eat a rainbow’ when I juice, and I find this wholly satisfying.   My juices tend to be about 1/3 fruits and 2/3 green veggies.  I do use carrots, though…but when I do, I cut back on the amount of fruit that I use because carrots are high in sugar. I make enough juice to last from 2-3 days each time, and must say, it does completely trash my kitchen, but after I drink the juice that I make, I have enough energy to make my kitchen sparkle again in no time!                          



Day # 7 – Drink



Day #7 – Drink

Photo a Day – June

Stacy Alexander


This is the juice upon which I have existed for the last 9 days.  It is part of the aforementioned Reboot Your Life diet.  Some people do it to cleanse.  Some people do it to lose weight.  Some people do it simply because it is a healthful thing to do.    This particular juice is a combination of organic beets, kale, cucumbers, squash, yams, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, apples, lemons, oranges, fresh ginger, green beans, brussels sprouts, celery, peaches and a plethora of other organic fruits and vegetables.  It tastes delicious and is wholly satisfying to drink.  The first three days of this diet are hell, as all the toxins begin to leave the body.  However, after that, it is smooth sailing.  All of the cravings go away after the third day, and this juice becomes a real treat to drink.  Apart from the astronomical cost of buying all organic produce and juicing it, this diet is a piece of cake….gluten free, sugar free, 100% fruit and vegetable cake, that is.  😉


Reboot Your Life

I am on a juice fast at the moment.  It is a spiritual practice and is also something that makes me feel really good physically.  This is not some fad diet.  It is a sensible, healthful diet that takes planning and dedication….and a whole lot of money to buy the organic fruits and vegetables that go into it.  My daughter, Stacy, Jr. turned me on to the “Reboot Your Life” program.  John and I did it together awhile back, for 15 days.  It made us both feel so good that we decided to try it again.  You can click the link above if you are interested in reading more about it.

My husband is also doing it just as I am, only in the evenings, I fix  a meal for him.    I make the juice, which consists of organic fruits and veggies only.  And the meals I cook are also nothing but organic fruits and veggies.  A little olive oil and salt is ok.

Here is how I cooked tonight’s stirfry:

1.  Begin with 1/2 yellow bell pepper and a nice shallot.  Cook for a few minutes in a little olive oil.


2.  Add a nice garnet yam, chopped into chunks.


3.  Add some broccoli florets and cook for about 3 minutes.


4.  Add some shitaki mushrooms, whole.


6.  Add as much chopped kale as you’d like.  Cover and steam for a few minutes until the kale begins to wilt.  You want to leave the broccoli crisp, so only steam about 2-3 minutes.


7.  Give everything one gentle stir.  Next, it’s time for the secret ingredient!


8.  Add the freshest, sweetest organic pineapple you can find.   Cut into large chunks and put on top of the stir fry.  Then cover, cook for 1 minute and, without removing the lid, turn off head and allow all ingredients to steam for awhile.   As the pineapple steams, its juice seeps down and covers the other vegetables, imparting them with a rich, full flavor.


FINALLY!  Toss on a little smoked sea salt and serve!


Absolutely delicious, very low cal and good for you!