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Photo a Day – AUGUST


© Stacy Alexander – 2013

Something Precious to Me



Photo a Day – JULY

DAY #28 – THIS IS NEW  (Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!)  xoxoxo

© Stacy Alexander – 2013

Deryn Mentock’s Bezel Bootcamp

Exciting news!   Registration is now open for Deryn Mentock’s  brand new online jewelry making class, Bezel Bootcamp!  This workshop is all jewelry making and loaded fun for everyone.  Deryn’s work is magnificent and she is such a great teacher….loads of fun!  I just finished another class that she taught and I highly recommend her classes.  They’re fun, informative and the results are awesome!  My soon-to-be- displayed Silverthorn Studios pieces will have a definite Deryn Mentock flair….with Stacy Alexander originality, of course.
In Bezel Bootcamp, Deryn focuses on teaching her students how to create their  own resin filled bezel focals from scratch.  Students build the whole thing and, in the process, learn how to make a bezel focal, how to torch solder in a non-intimidating way, and how to work with two part resin.
There are many, many other tips, tricks and techniques, as well. As with all of Deryn’s classes, she has designed this one to boost the creativity of each student, the student’s skill levels and the professional quality of her student’s pieces.
Class Starts:  June 21, 2013Class Ends:   Aug 25, 2013

All of the videos are posted the first day of class so students can work at their own paces…in their jammies, from their i-Pads, in their studios…wherever!  They will be able to watch the videos as many times as they like, as often as they like, for the entire duration of the class, until the very last day…two full months. It’s a great value…no hotels, food or travel involved. Of course, Deryn is available for questions the entire class time and…is planning a couple of live chats via Facebook.

Registration is now open. I hope you’ll take a look at the details, at this link:


A New Endeavor



These are baubles and beads. I have a surplus of them, bags and bag of them, in fact.   I have been making jewelry and mosaics out of them and donating the proceeds to charity, but have now decided to turn things up a notch.  I have just registered for a class that will help my jewelry making skills considerably….and I’m excited!  I’ve always wanted to make the kind of jewelry that I’m getting ready to learn to make.

I’ve always been good at repurposing things.

 When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, I had a company that specialized in repurposing old furniture. In fact, the name of this blog comes from the name of my former business, “Arte California”.    I would get wooden furniture from Freecycle and paint it and add mosaics to it and resell it to fancy schmancy home decor stores, or I would do things with tempered glass on big bowls.     Did well, and had fun doing it.        Image

Each piece was a one-of-a-kind item.

 Every time I created a new piece, someone would usually end up commissioning similar pieces, or even something new.  It was fun coming up with new ideas and finding ways in which to convert things.   For instance, I once sold one of these mirrors, then got an order to make 30 more!


This is a tabletop that I made with collage work and tempered glass.


And here is a coffee table that I did:



I find myself with this surplus of jewelry.  Some of it is vintage.  Some of it is valuable.  Some of it is contemporary, and some of it is cheap crap…..I’ve been pretty good about repurposing it and making new pieces from old, but I’ve decided to step things up a notch and enroll in Deryn Mentock’s  Build Zone class.

 I have long been a fan of Deryn’s work, basically because it is FABULOUS!  I have purchased her jewelry and have admired it on friends.  I pour over it on the Internet.  I just love it.  It is a rustic style, sort of like steampunk….but sort of not.

I think Deryn will be an excellent teacher, and according to her former students, she is.   I look forward to learning how to make fancy findings … clasps and rings and links…. to learning how to do her famous wrap method of jewelry making.  I look forward to learning new design work.  I look forward to selling what I make.  I look forward to the whole thing!


I know the experience will be fun and rewarding, and it will give me something to do with all of this jewelry that I have now.  Will post pictures of my progress.  Don’t expect miracles. I’ve never done this type of work before… 🙂


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Great Friends


Ya know, I have some of the best friends in the world.  They never fail to amaze me with their kindness, senses of humor, intelligence and so forth…but today, I am impressed by one of their random acts of kindness.

It has always been my dream to own an dobro.


I casually mentioned this fact to a sweet friend in a telephone conversation a few weeks ago, and just now, when I opened my mail, look what was enclosed!!


That was just about the best thing anyone has done for me in a long time.  The note said, “Wear this and think of me…”  and yes, of course I will.  I do anyway! 🙂  (I love you, too)

Photo a Day – May – Day #22 – PINK



Day #22 – Pink

Photo a day – May

Stacy Alexander                   René

I have always loved silver jewelry and, in fact,  much prefer it over gold jewelry.  Much to my surprise and delight this afternoon, I came home to the best  small package on my doorstep!   I opened it to find this lovely little pink pouch (and I realize that it looks a little purple in this photo…but it is, indeed, pink) …and inside, was the gorgeous 925 Silver bracelet!  I wear a lot of silver bracelets.  Bangles.  I even sleep in them!  They are my favorite jewelry.  My very sweet friend who lives in another state sent this to me with a simple note .   Wasn’t that nice?!

Those are the kinds of surprises that make me smile.  Who wouldn’t?!

It feels so good to be loved by friends and family.   I love them just as much.

Thank you!!!  xoxoxo   Besos.  Hugs….. This is the **BEST** silver bracelet in my collection!