Oatmeal, anyone? An Evening with Ottmar Liebert

When my daughter was small, she would refer to Flamenco guitarist, Ottmar Liebert as “Oatmeal”.  “Listening to Oatmeal again, Mom?”  she would ask. © Stacy Alexander – 2015 Last night, we were treated to two hours of this graceful guitarist’s skilled execution of some of the most incredible music I have ever heard.  Liebert wasContinue reading “Oatmeal, anyone? An Evening with Ottmar Liebert”

50 Top Guitar Solos – What are YOUR top 50?

  This whole thing is subjective….but here are my personal top 50….guitarists.  I am, of course, omitting one for reasons I cannot state herein…   🙂 1 – Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan 2 – All Along the Watch Tower – Jimi Hendrix 3 – Hotel California – Don Felder, Joe Walsh (The Eagles) 4Continue reading “50 Top Guitar Solos – What are YOUR top 50?”