Hello 2015!

Happy New Year We celebrated long into the night to bring in the New Year.  John and I were guests of our friend, Toni,  and her British boyfriend, Peter, and another Brit, who was also named Peter, at a local Jazz club.  The music was an incredible mix of jazz and classic rock tunes fromContinue reading “Hello 2015!”

Portland, Pick Your Own!

  There are SO many reasons to love Portland….and I do.  Here is yet another! We live in the heart of a busy section of Portland, one that gets busier, in fact, every day.  Developers have come onto Division street, one block from our place, and are ripping out old businesses and putting in newContinue reading “Portland, Pick Your Own!”

Happy (and ok, sleepless, too…) in Seattle

I have just returned from my morning walk where the apple, cherry and magnolia blossoms left a delicate carpet along my path.  Springtime in Portland is indescribably beautiful.  However, this is not another post about Portland.  As I walked, I reflected upon the trip I took to Seattle a couple of days ago, and IContinue reading “Happy (and ok, sleepless, too…) in Seattle”

Thanksgiving. Dude, chill! Enjoy your Tofurkey already!

This is the time of year when I watch my friends, and many members of my family, start to freak out to the extent that they forget to be thankful .    They rush around and shop and bring out the “good” china and stress over every last detail so that by the time theContinue reading “Thanksgiving. Dude, chill! Enjoy your Tofurkey already!”