The Dessert Bullet – Singing its Praises Highly

I have to write about the Nitribullet Dessert Bullet….simply because it is one of the best ways I know to make a delicious dessert in no time flat, without the fat and processed sugars found in other desserts.    Ok….It does require a little preparation ahead of time, but my freezer is chock full of organic fruits…bananas, berries, stone fruit, et al…anyway, so I don’t really think about what comes first.  For me, it is already there.

dessert bullet

I love this machine.  It is easy to assemble and the results are fantastic every time.  All you do is put it together, add the fruit, turn it on and watch as a delicious ice-cream-like dessert comes out the other end.  Granted, you can do the same thing with a blender, but the texture is different.  I’ve been blending bananas and a little water forever, to make “ice cream”…but trust me when I say that this Dessert Bullet produces superior results.


Pinterest has a plethora of Dessert Bullet recipes.  Click HERE to find the ones you want to try.

The following video is a demonstration of the Dessert Bullet.  It is very cool!

Also, if you are worried about fructose and the nutritional content of fruit, please check out THIS  information  found on the website of my fitness guru, Dr. Michael Greger.


Best 4th of July Salad Ever!


I am one of the few people on earth who is not mad about watermelon.  Must be a Scorpio thing.  I don’t know….but I do enjoy it occasionally in small quantities.  Most recently, I tried a salad that I read about on Pinterest and even this non-lover-of-watermelon fell in love with it.  It has everything…It is soft and crunchy, sweet, salty, mild and strong at once, and is oh, so simple to make!

Albeit seedless watermelon is not as flavorful as watermelons that have seeds, I found the ease of using a seedless one quite worth the deficit in flavor.  Actually, it was pretty good with the milder flavored melon.

To make this delicious salad, you’ll need 1 watermelon of your choice, cut into irregularly shaped (for visual interest) chunks…bite sized.

1 package of high quality feta cheese, crumbled

a bunch of fresh, organic mint, chopped, then muddled

1 English cucumber, peeled and chopped into small pieces

A high quality sea salt (I use pink Himalayan)

Fresh ground black pepper

Please excuse my lack of precision as I write this.  I don’t know how many ounces those packages of feta cheese are….but you know the ones I’m talking about.  Just a little brick of feta? I bought mine from behind the deli counter at New Seasons, where it was fresh…and not actually IN a package….I think it was about 6 ounces.  Just “eyeball it”.  (That’s the kind of cook that I am anyway…)

Simply place the watermelon pieces into a large bowl and toss gently….oh, so gently….with as much sea salt as you like.  Let me stress here that a high quality sea salt makes all the difference.  It is less harsh than regular table salt, and imparts a more delicate flavor.  Let this mixture sit for about 10-15 minutes as the watermelon will begin to soften and secrete juice.  Then, gently mix in the other ingredients, top with a sprinkle of black pepper, chill and serve.

Some alternative additions are:

Strawberries, whole or sliced in half.  Make sure to use dark red, very sweet ones

Black olives – These add a delicious salty flavor.  I like to use large, black cerignolas, kalamatas or oil-cured olives, the latter of which is extremely strongly flavored and very salty

paper thin slices of red onion

Sweet Blackberries

1/4 plain greek yoghurt mixed with the watermelon juice that appears after the melon is salted

Any, or all of these additions make this salad really yummy, but I find that it is pretty much perfect with just the first ingredients that I listed.