The Right to Bare Arms

I have started doing these arm exercises every morning.  The video is only 12 minutes long and it is at a beginner’s level, so not that difficult to do, but I could begin to tell a big difference after only one week, so thought I’d share it with my readers.  Tracy Anderson takes a different approach than most fitness gurus.  I think you’ll enjoy this.






I joined a gym today….but not just any gym.  I joined one of Portland’s Green Micro-gyms.  As a professional writer, I really have to make myself get out and exercise.  My work load is very heavy and I could easily fall into the slump of being way too sedentary, if I didn’t just make myself get out and exercise every day.  I read about these new gyms that are going in around town and decided to give one a try.  My friend, Sylvia Cranberg, has been a member for awhile and she highly recommends these gyms.

This new Green Micro-gym is walkable from our home, and certainly bike-able.  Like most of Portland, it is into an energy-efficient, earth sustainable philosophy and uses earth-friendly machines and products.  I really liked that about it.  It is a small, cozy place, and has a vibe of warm friendliness that characterizes Portland so well.  …and yes, those are iPads on the machines.  🙂


I also hired a personal trainer.  I’m pretty good about working out on my own, but I thought a personal trainer would help me stay on track and make sure that I don’t injure myself.  I’m psyched!  I think this will be fun….and will be a great way to meet new people.   My husband is thinking of joining also.  I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it would be fun to go there together, but on the other hand, I sort of enjoy having my own things to do by myself.  We’ll talk about it tomorrow and see how it works out.  Since he is gone every other week, it might work out very well for us to join together.