On the Agenda

I found this project on Pinterest and have decided to do it.  I have one small area that runs in front of the front living room window, across the front of the house to where the deck is, that needs some help.  Rather than planting more there, I have decided to do homemade cobble stones.  The form shown in the first photo can be picked up at Home Depot, or similar home stores.

All one needs to complete this project is a handful of things really. The concrete form, some regular cement, water, a colorant (if desired), some spare time and of course m the right space.

Begin by removing any grass or debris to make the intended surface even. Once it is flattened, place the concrete form to plan out the cobblestone path design. Mix the bag of cement with water and add colorant, if desired. Once the cement mixture is ready,  begin  placing it inside the form with a trowel,  while making sure there aren’t any air pockets in between. Make sure to smooth it as well as possible,  and remove  the extra concrete from the form. When the cement is set, lift the frame up and round the stones so they look like natural cobblestones.  Ta dah!

I will either grout between the stone, plant some type of non-invaisve moss or a short grass.  We’ll see….I will post pictures of my own job, once I get around to doing it.

Like a Well-Oiled Machine…

If there is one outstanding characteristic of my marriage with John, it is our ability to plan and execute affordable house projects together that allow us to be creative, have fun and that also result in some pretty nice, affordable looks.

What follows is documentation of how we put some pavers from the curb to the sidewalk, framed some trees, added turf and some Mexican river stones to create our own little landscaping detail.  This first picture is NOT our place, but one that we used to sketch in what we wanted to do.  The subsequent photos ARE our place.  The area that we refined was one big muddy, ugly strip right beside the street.


Unfortunately, I did not get a shot of the area before John had trimmed it out with wood, but take my word for the fact that it was nothing more than an ugly, messy mud pit!  It began to look better immediately, as soon as the wood frames went down.


The pictures show a progressive story about how the project transformed the front of the house.  It isn’t quite finished yet, but we love it!  yard2yard3yard4yard5 weed clothyard6 rocks1yard9

Still need to add paver sand between the pavers and do some finishing touches, but for the most part, the project is finished.  It looks 212% better!  So happy!

Want To Learn to Read Music?

Here are some websites that teach you how!


Shutterstock Music sheet   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read MusicIn this, the age of do-it-yourself educations, people now have more resources than ever to teach themselves to read music.

Here are some websites that can teach you how.



Music sheet01   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music

How to have fun while learning to read music.

An Introduction to Reading Music

Music sheet02   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music


Read Sheet Music

Music sheet03   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music

A free online course .

Music Arrangers

Music sheet04   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music


Dolmetsch Online

Music sheet05   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music


Ricci Adam’s Music Theory.net

Music sheet06   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music



Music sheet07   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music



Music sheet08   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music



Music sheet09   10 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music


Here are  two more resources

Top 6 Sites to Find and Print Free Sheet Music – by Mahendra
3 Tools To Write Your Own Sheet Music Online – by Simon


Mosaic Guitar Tutorial – Step 3….Design

So today, I am going to address creating a design for your mosaic guitar.  If you are just joining me, please scroll back to lessons #1 and #2.  I’m sure there is some way to line everything up sequentially with this Word Press interface.  I simply haven’t figured it out yet….so please bear with me.

At the end of part 2, I was preparing my guitar to receive the tesserae (glass, tile, et al…) After I finished writing, I coated all sides of the guitar and let it dry.   The guitar is now a blank canvas.


The best  tool to use for marking out one’s design is a china marker or grease pencil.


  However, since I can’t find my china marker, I am using dry erase board markers.


There are a number of different ways to do this.   I find it helpful to sketch a guitar and then play around with different ideas before I begin to mark up my guitar.


Once you have a general idea of what you want to do, draw your designs onto the guitar.  I freehand my designs, for the most part, because I like a looser -feeling design.  I did use a plastic can lid to trace some of the curves, however.


Since the guitar is a curvaceous instrument,  I like to use lots of concentric, curvy design elements.  Just play around with it all.  Nothing has to be exact.    Just take the design to wherever you want it to go.  If this is your first time to try this, simple is best, but not mandatory.  Just go wherever your heart takes you and have a good time!


Oh…..and don’t forget the back!  One note about the way I have overlapped these circles on the back side of the guitar.  If you do something like this, you might want to choose a tesserae that is twice as dark on the regions that overlap, to give it a more translucent appearance.

guitar back

A reader wrote to me to ask about using tempered glass on a mosaic guitar.  Therefore, that is exactly what I shall demonstrate, along with other types of embellishments.   However, this will come later on.  The technique is one that I initially learned from Ellen Blakeley  who is the queen of all things tempered glass.  However, I will put my own twist on it for the purposes of embellishing this guitar.  We will start with colored glass, though, and finish up with some tempered glass accents.

Until next time……