Happy Birthday to my Precious Daughter, Sarah.


I went to my daughter’s house this evening for what her 5 year old daughter termed a “veggie sushi extravaganza.”  My son-in-law, his brother and  his girlfriend and another friend whipped up a ton of sushi, sashimi and tempura for dinner tonight.  It was a casual affair with friends and family and kids, and we had a delightful time.  The food was delicious!

On this day, 37 years ago, I almost named my daughter  after this song:

However, on the afternoon that I went into labor I played a record of Lauren Bacall reading a story called, “The Clock with 13 Faces.”  And when she introduced the main character by saying, “….and her name was Sarahlinda!” in that deep, husky Lauren Bacall voice, I knew that this was to be my baby’s name.

Last night, Sarah came to my house and the two of us  spoke long into the night.  We talked about our family dynamic and its history. We spoke about the future, and our plans to move forward through life and to continue on the path we are currently on, a simple, happy one. Sarah feels the same as I do about letting go of negative people and influences,  and about cleaving to that which is good in life…the positive.  Our  talk was pithy, and  probably the best one we have ever had, and I came away from it knowing that what I have with this remarkable young woman is what many parents could only hope for.

She told me that she was grateful to have received a nice card from her father with happy birthday wishes, and I noted  how little it takes to make her happy.  Her dad and I  could not have asked for a better daughter.  She is a true gift and always was.  Never caused anyone an ounce of trouble.

Since it is her birthday, I will exercise a mother’s right to brag…..My daughter  is a perfectly beautiful spirit residing in a truly  sane existence.    With her, there is never any drama.  Never any meanness.  Never an unkind word…but she isn’t a pushover by any stretch of the imagination.  She is strong.  Smart.  Funny.  A GREAT mother.  Productive. Creative. Accomplished .  She isn’t the type to pit one person against the other, and she is honest.  She isn’t boastful and has nothing to prove to anyone.


Her  quiet, unassuming manner conveys that she is secure within herself.  She is never phoney, never pretentious and is comfortable in her own skin. Oh, and she is not in the least materialistic, and I am very proud of her for that.  In fact,  I am proud of her in every possible way.

It is an honor to be her mother.

Sarah is the voice of sanity.  She  is an inspiration to me.  She is an inspiration to a lot of people.  I am so grateful that she is a part of my life.

Happy birthday, Sarah.  I love you for a million new reasons every day.  I deeply appreciate you and thank you for being who you are.  You are the absolute best.