Kiera Brinkley – A True Inspiration

I just got back from a quickie trip out of town and am getting ready to do a singing gig tonight at a private event.  However, I am so excited about this dancing duo that I just learned about, that I had to make this post before I leave.   This is Kiera Brinkley and her sister, Uriah Boyd.  20 year old Kiera is a quadruple amputee dancer and a true inspiration.

Soar is the in-progress documentary being made about this remarkable pair and I cannot wait to see it!


When Kiera was only 2 years old, doctors were forced to amputate most of her limbs to prevent the spread of bacterial infection.  Her response was to begin to dance almost immediately, wiggling and squirming to hip-hop music at home.  When she attended Da Vinci Middle School here in Portland, her dance teacher persuaded her to get out of her chair and dance with the other students on the floor.  She hasn’t stopped since.  In 2009, the Dream Factory granted her wish to visit Juilliard and not she is a company member with Polaris Dance Theater, a Portland trouble of young contemporary dancers.



Kiera is small, but is said to take up an expanding cloud of space, rolling and twirling seamlessly.  Her own will and courage is strong and she was raised in an environment that encouraged her to fulfill her dreams.  She is said to have a prim quality about her with pulled-back hair and makeup that is carefully applied.  Accounts characterize her as a “self-described people pleaser.”  Her dredlocked sister, Uriah is not as determined as her sister to continue to dance, but for now, this is what they do.


When Kiera choreographs, she wants to have Uriah there with her.  Through their years of dancing together, they have formed a kind of language that siblings often form.  She refers to it as “sister telepathy.”  If Kiera attempts to communicate a certain move that she is unalbe to replicate with hre body, Uriah translates it with her own.


The next time you find yourself engrossed in self-pity, think about Kiera and be inspired.  This is a remarkable young woman.