Some Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Health Benefits On his nutrition-focused website,, physician and New York Times bestselling author, Michael Greger, cites growing evidence that supports the many health benefits of coffee consumption. For instance, an analysis performed earlier this year, of the best studies published to date, indicates that coffee consumption may lead to a modest reduction in overallContinue reading “Some Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee”

Ahhhh, breakfast!

A lot of people like to skip breakfast, or to grab a doughnut or something sweet and quick.  I try to set aside time to enjoy a healthful breakfast, as I find that it helps set the pace for the rest of the day.  When I eat breakfast, I like to maximize my nutrition soContinue reading “Ahhhh, breakfast!”

#4 FRESH, #5 EARLY, #6 This Means a Lot to ME

Yikes!  I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had the opportunity to post my photo a day challenge shots!  Here is the one from day #4 FRESH EARLY Photo a Day – AUGUST Day #6 – This Means a Lot to Me © Stacy Alexander

Lauretta Jeans in Portland…It’s a Happy Pie Wonderland….with Booze

I was sad when our little neighborhood coffee shop, Pix left…but I’m fickle in the fact that since Lauretta Jeans has taken their place, I don’t really care where they went, ’cause Lauretta Jeans is a happy pie wonderland….with booze. Lauretta Jeans is a simply appointed little spot on Division that is reminiscent of daysContinue reading “Lauretta Jeans in Portland…It’s a Happy Pie Wonderland….with Booze”