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Betsabeé Romero in Reno

Betsabeé Romero in Reno

I went to see the Betsabeé Romero show at the Nevada Museum of Art a few days ago and would like to write about two parts of the exhibit.  The exhibit is Romero’s first solo museum exhibition in the western United States.   She is one of the most highly evered Mexican artists of her generation. and is known for combining indigenous and folkloric designs with non-traditional art-making materials, and for creating inventive installations inspired by literature and diverse cultures.  She created a series of four new installations for the exhibition, with an overriding thematic focus on transportation—both literal and metaphorical.


The first pieces were large circular discs that were suspended about a foot away from the wall and facing a window.  The light from the window penetrated the surface of the various materials on the discs to reflect beautiful colored shadows on the wall behind them.


The soft light and color filtering through the discs were magically multi-dimensional.  Their overall affect was one of serenity.


Another part of the exhibit was Romero’s use of go cart wheels and gold leaf to make both physical sculptures and prints on paper.  Romero transformed tires in art from their status as a symbol of urban blight to one of progress and creative thinking.  This part of the exhibit was called, “Urban Stalactites and Stalagmites” and used Spanish and colonial patterns common to Mexico.


The tires were inked, at one point, and rolled across papers to create serigraphs that repeated the designs.


Ready to Grout!


I finished sticking the tesserae onto my mosaic guitar last night. It is now ready for grout.  I am still contemplating colors.  Thinking of either doing a multi-colored, bright grout or charcoal gray.  Will have to think about it for awile….but I think I’ll probably go with the dark gray.

The front:


And the back:

pregrout guitar back

After the piece is grouted, I will be listing it on Etsy.  Will post a notice here.

Doctor’s Without Borders Auction is Now in Session!


There are so many beautiful pieces up for bid at this auction.  With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to get a stunning piece of art at a great price while helping out an excellent organization.


Let the Bidding Begin!

2014 International Mosaic Auction…a benefit for

Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontieres

…is now OPEN!

Main Article Image

Don’t miss out winning, for your very own, at least 1 of the 141 extraordinary mosaic artworks from an international group of artists available for bid to raise funding for the critical and continued efforts of

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Place your bid!  

Whether you’re looking for an original Mosaic for your Fine Art collection or searching for a beautiful piece of Wearable Art for a special someone, you’re sure to find it in our auction.

Every bid helps support the ongoing and much needed humanitarian efforts of DWB/MSF

Tell Your Friends! 

The success of this mosaic auction depends on spreading the word to as many people as possible. We need your help. Please Refer a Friend and encourage them to participate so they don’t miss a single moment of the excitement, the ART, and the opportunity of being a part of helping people in crisis.


Be informed! Stay informed! 

Click on DoctorsWithoutBorders.org/news-stories for up to the moment field news.

“Humanitarian action is based on the conviction that ordinary people caught in conflict and crisis, whoever and wherever they may be, deserve to be spared from the excesses of violence and to receive lifesaving assistance that is impartial, neutral, and free from political or religious agendas.” Nicolas de Torrent; former Executive Director, MSF-USA


Payment & Shipping of your Mosaic Art

All dollars are in US currency. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted. All sales are final.

Winning bidders are responsible for all fees associated with the mailing/packaging of the Mosaic Art. Your Mosaic Art will be shipped as soon as payments have been processed. You are responsible and liable for ensuring the accuracy of your shipping address; please double-check your My Account profile (even if you believe the information is correct) to confirm that it’s accurate.

The winning bidder acknowledges that Auction Organizer, Linda Schorr/Lin Schorr – Mixed Media Mosaics, makes no representation as to the value of the mosaic art. The Artists Market Value will accompany the shipment of the mosaic artwork to the winning bidder.

All Mosaic Art will be shipped ‘As Is’. The winning bidder acknowledges that Auction Organizer, Linda Schorr/Lin Schorr – Mixed Media Mosaics will not be held responsible or liable for loss or damage incurred by the US or foreign postal delivery systems.

                                 SHIPPING INFORMATION

US/Domestic Shipments:

The majority of mosaics will be shipped individually via USPS Priority Flat Rate.

The current Flat Rate Fee per artwork:

  • Small Flat Rate box: $5.95. A $4.00 packaging charge will be added to each Flat Rate fee, bringing the shipment total per artwork to $9.95
  • Medium Flat Rate box: $12.65. A $6.00 packaging charge will be added to each Flat Rate fee, bringing the shipment total per artwork to $18.65
  • Large Flat Rate box: $17.90. A $6.00 packaging charge will be added to each Flat Rate fee, bringing the shipment total per artwork to $23.90


*Michigan Residents only: The 6% Michigan sales tax will be charged on the total winning bid (including shipping & handling) for all Michigan residents.

*In Person Pickup: If you are a local winning bidder and wish to pickup your mosaic(s) in person, you must notify Lin Schorr via email at:  Lin@LinSchorr.com by 12:00-noon, Monday, December 8th.  After this time, the shipping charges will be added to your charge card.

No exceptions.


International Shipments (including Mexico and Canada):

Your mosaic(s) will be shipped via USPS and will be calculated by destination & weight. An $8.00 box/packaging fee will be added to each artwork being shipped. Any applicable customs, duty or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer/winning bidder.

*Note – Item shipping fees being calculated by destination & weight may be charged separately from the winning bid to the winning bidders credit card.


View the mosaic art collection LIVE at the Northville Art House

215 W. Cady St, Northville, Michigan

Regular Art House hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm



Counting the Countless – A Good Day in Texas



Magdalena Abakanowicz is one of my favorite artists.  She makes art about the “countless”… those countless people and animals that are so easily grouped together in life…..the homeless, the Holocaust Jews and Gypsies, the poor, the unemployed, minority women, stray dogs, bees….living creatures in groups that lose their individuality because they amass in such huge numbers that society stops viewing them as individuals and sees them blindly as one entity….the group…..the countless.  There are too many of them to count, yet each one is still an individual.  Abakanowicz is on of this world’s most important artists and one that I wholly appreciate for the depth and breadth of her remarkable creations.

 She says: “I feel overwhelmed by quantity where counting no longer makes sense. By unrepeatability within such quantity. A crowd of people or birds, insect or leaves, is a mysterious assemblage of variants of a certain prototype, a riddle of nature abhorrent to exact repetition or inability to produce it, just as a human hand can not repeat its own gesture”.                        




This is me, standing in front of one of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s most famous installations, “Bronze Crowd” in Dallas, at the Nasher Sculpture Center.  The light scrolls are Photoshopped in, simply because I liked the affect.  We had just dined inside, and were strolling around the grounds together, thrilled, as always, by the outstanding works of art that surrounded us.  That was a particularly wonderful day.  When it isn’t crowded, Nasher is the perfect place to meditate.  It is peaceful there.  Beautiful.  Hard to believe it is even in Texas at all.

I was thrilled to be standing in front of the Abakanowicz piece.  Each statue is headless…and slightly different from the next.  The installation signifies a statement about lost individuality.  In addition to victims of atrocities, I look at this work and  think of those that try so hard to fit in with what they are “supposed” to do, and, in the process, lose who they really are.  They forget to smile.  They forget to love.  They forget to have fun  They lose their voices in the fray.  This installation is a reminder that each person on this earth is an individual with unique qualities worth paying attention to.



Nasher has a fantastic gift shop.  In the picture above, I was wearing my new SAAKO infinity scarf  that I had received as a gift from their shop. It has flecks of gold in it and is truly beautiful! I have been addicted to these scarves since then, and have now amassed quite the collection of them.

The Nasher Sculpture Center is located in the heart of Dallas’ thriving downtown Arts District.  Going there is my second favorite activity when I visit the Dallas area. 🙂   It is located at 2001 Flora Street.  If you ever find yourself in close proximity, do go there.  It is an art oasis that you will never forget.


There Are None so Blind…..

There Are None so Blind…..

“There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See….”

This is one of my favorite proverbs. It has been traced back to 1546 (John Heywood), and is pretty close to the Biblical verse Jeremiah 5:21: ‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’. It reflects a running theme in my life right now…personally…politically…familial-y….that is, the most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.  You know the ones.  They attempt to snuff out the evidence and live in self-delusion rather than face what is really going on.  Sad, that…


The painting that you see above is called, “Van Gogh’s Eye.”  I can’t even remember the year that I painted it.  It was created when I lived in the SF Bay Area, and I painted it to give to my friend, Paul, who recently died….so he has been on my mind of late.


The concept behind the painting is an interesting one.  I painted a series of pieces that were based on small sections of paintings by famous artists.  I did this so I could, perhaps, experience some of what the original artists had experienced when they did their paintings.


  Undertaking of this exercise caused me to examine their work more closely, and to really think about why they made the artistic choices that they had made.  For this piece,   I selected Van Gogh’s  ‘Portrait of the Artist’ that he painted in 1889.   I focused on only a tiny portion of it, one of his eyes.  The section on the original painting is probably less than 3″ wide.  My painting was considerably larger than that, which was the whole point. It was to enlarge the section so I could look more deeply into the work and reveal its secrets.   The lessons I learned by doing this exercise were priceless,and can be summed up in one sentence:  “There is always more than meets the eye.”




In attempting to duplicate Van Gogh’s brush strokes, I came to realize, first hand,  how complex his technique was.  His brush dispersed the paint over the canvas in virtually every possible direction…up, down, left, right, diagonally….but the thing that amazed me even more, was the fact that I used a total of 37 (!!!) individual colors to duplicate a similar effect.  That’s right.  In the original painting, that tiny 3″ section contains at least 37 individual colors!


Looking closer.  Examining things very carefully under a magnifying glass…..What better way to come to a deeper understanding of the fact that there is ALWAYS more than meets the eye…both literally and figuratively!  This can be always be applied to one’s art….but it works best when applied to one’s actual life.  🙂


In other news….congratulations to the happy couple joining their lives in Texas on this day. Wish I could be there for the wedding.  I  know the music will be great.



 Bride of Moonly Grace

by Stacy Alexander


Doctors Without Borders Auction Preview!


https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/auctionhome.action?auctionId=208357702  <——-click here!

Here is your chance to preview all 141 STUNNING pieces of mosaic art created by artists from all over the world in the Doctor’s Without Border’s Charity Auction that will be coming up in November.  There are SO many beautiful choices!  Proceeds go toward a most excellent cause, so make your selections and get ready to place your bids!  dwb mosaic 2014Four René

by Stacy Alexander

© Stacy Alexander – 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Button up, Buttercup!

Button up, Buttercup!

When  I see someone like this artist, who can be inspired by something as simple as a button, and then turns around and creates magnificent works of art from something as simple as that, it absolutely amazes me.

This is the work of Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel who creates something grand from something seemingly insignificant and small: he builds amazing 3D sculptures out of thousands of sewing buttons.   The artist carefully attaches them to a fishing line and constructs musical instruments such as the harp, piano, cello and other things as well. The artist is intrigued by the idea how “a common object used to create a piece of art becomes transformed into something complicated and intriguing.”








B2 Galllery – Tacoma – Nature in the Making


The trip to Tacoma last Sunday was a lot of fun.  We didn’t leave until late in the afternoon, but the sun was out and there were gorgeous, dramatic clouds floating across the sky to provide the perfect backdrop for our journey.   We listened to some good music and had a nice chat. I snapped photos along the way.

Very pleasant day for a road trip!


We got to Tacoma early and were greeted by Deborah Boone, the co-owner and co-director of B2 Fine Art Gallery, who was setting things up for the reception.


The gallery space is beautiful.  It featured the work of a number of area artists in addition to that of Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown.  For instance there were several small Chihuly pieces  (priced at around $16,000 each).


There were also some stunning Native American pieces by PNW artist, Bo Chambers.


However, the main focus of our interest was the Hauptli /Harvey-Brown exhibit.    I have written about these women’s work before.  They travel the world observing the topigraphical features of the earth’s surface and then go back to their prospective homes in New Zealand and England, where they sit at their looms and create amazing woven pieces that reflect the nature that they have observed.  One really must see it in person to fully appreciate the minute details, amazing textures and subtle colors that are used.


We arrived at the gallery before Agnes and Stacey, which gave us the opportunity to walk around and snap photos.  Soon, however, the door opened, and these two weaving geniuses burst into the room on their own cloud of artful energy and lots of laughter.  It was absolutely delightful to finally meet them in person!  They are certainly forces to be reckoned with!

I asked both women to do  wee promo videos so I could upload them to Facebook.  Here is Stacey’s:

and here is Agnes’:

Here is a very brief video of some of Agnes’ work:


We were very fortunate in that both Stacey and Agnes were quite vocal about their work, full of interesting stories about their processes. They “worked the room” very well, drifting from person–to-person, answering questions and imparting information.    In addition to being quite entertaining, their conversations lent greater meaning to the art for us.    In the following photo,  Agnes is telling me about the fact that they packed the entire exhibit into only two suitcases and  carried tiny backpacks for the few personal belongings that they brought.

stacy's back and agnes

Here we are clowning around behind some of Stacey’s work.  (That’s me with the red scarf beside Stacy with Agnes hiding in the far back.)

1Stacy, Stacey and Agnes

3 Smiles


Here is an amazing triptych created by Agnes to reflect the rock formations in Arizona. She has such a sensitive grasp of the delicate colors and the naturally-formed designs.  I LOVE this piece!

agnes triptich

And another Stacey Harvey-Brown piece that represents a stratum of ancient rock formations, again in Arizona.


Here is a little video that shows some of the fabulous texture, up close and personal:

The following photo is a room full of Stacey Harvey-Brown’s woven tapering structures that resemble stalactites or, as someone else suggested, flowing water.

stacey hb work

This brief video shows a sweeping view of my favorite of Stacey’s pieces:

While we were there, the gallery was descended upon by a large group of Pacific Northwest weavers.  Glad there was such a great turn out!

Because of the long drive home, John and I had to make a rather early exit, but I must say.  I have not stopped thinking about these women’s magnificent art since we were there, and I feel that I’ve made two marvelous new friends, which makes it even better!  My sincere thanks to Dhaj Sumner, in New Zealand, who called to tell me about Agnes, who is her neighbor, and Stacey.  My life feels richer for having experienced their unique perspectives on the world.  I can’t wait to see more!  (Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to afford a piece one of these days, too!)  🙂

Thank you, Agnes and Stacey!  Your talent is a true gift to us all.  Thank you, John, for driving and for accompanying me on this little day trip.  I had such a good time.

good karma

Oh….and…. Thank you, ART and good karma….for simply being!

Art Day


I was up very early this morning, cooking breakfast for John and Ingrid, as Ingrid had her weekly sleepover with us last night.  After she left, I got busy and completed work on three articles and am now sketching out the details for the remaining three that I have to write over the next 72 hours.

In a couple of hours, John and I will be headed to Tacoma to finally meet Stacey Harvey Brown and Agnes Hauptli at B2 Gallery for another Nature in the Making reception.


I was shocked the first time I visited Tacoma because I had been told all kinds of negative things about it.  Both John and I found it delightful.  It is a nice little art Mecca hidden among the hills, on the water and is as lovely as lovely gets.  If you know the “old” Tacoma, you might be surprised by how much it has developed into a truly beautiful place.

We took our Maya there a few years ago, and had fun watching the glass blowers in the Chihuly museum.  Fascinating and a lot of fun to watch.

Mt. Rainier looms in the background and there are a zillion opportunities for awesome photography.


Can’t wait, but if I’m going to go, I need to get off this computer….so goodbye for now.  Hope all of you are having as great a Sunday as I am!

Folded Light and Shadows by Yuko Nishimura


I have long been fascinated by the variety of works that can be accomplished through folding paper.  My friend, Arlene Elizabeth, for instance, makes giant representational works from tiny origami cranes.  I have her portrait of the Daili Lama hanging here in my office.


Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura takes things to another level by  transforming single white sheets of special handmade paper into complex geometric wall reliefs.







Please visit the Yuko Nishimura website to see additional works and to read more about the artist.

Doctors Without Borders Auction ….again


lv john

My husband is leaving this morning for the Theater Communications Group convention in San Diego.  This is a huge deal for John, who has been working diligently on his 4th play , and who has many irons in the fire in terms of networking and production. I am feeling anxious, as his heart has been giving him problems lately.  His coloring is bad.  He is short of breath, and I’m worried…but far be it from me to ask him to refrain from doing what he loves to do.  I’m happy that he is happy.    He leaves with high hopes, while I have full confidence that he will come home with either a deal, or firm leads toward a production deal.  The reviews of his work have been quite promising, thus far….so we’ll see….

kim butterfly

So, apart from cleaning our home from top to bottom in preparation for the arrival of a guest,  I was thinking that I should plan to get down to my studio and start to work on some of the guitar installation that I want to do.  However, when my friend, Kim Larson, posted the  picture (above) of the beautiful mosaic that she created for the 2014 Doctors Without Borders auction, I felt a wee twang of …I don’t know….something…over having been left out this year.  I wrote to Lin Schorr, the woman that coordinates the event and asked, “Has my past work not been up to par?”  Why wasn’t I asked to participate this year?


I have been so busy, and this is the first extended break from school that I’ve had since I started my masters program. I have literally been working from 10-18 hours a day on some days.  Really working HARD, between work and school.  Now that I have a break,   I really want a constructive project that I can sink my teeth into.  She wrote back to tell me that, of course, I wasn’t left out!  I AM on the list and my piece is due on August 1!  So now I’m in panic mode.  As soon as I get back from driving John to the airport, I shall begin to design something.  These pieces are small…only 10″ x 10″ and this year, we can do whatever we want…so I might do a 3-d object, or I might just stick with a flat piece.  We’ll see.  I am very happy about the prospect of again creating something that will benefit others in a charity auction.   This is how I roll.  When I experience something stressful, as I am experiencing at this time in my life for a number of reasons, the best way to handle it is to do something for someone else.  Since Kim did a butterfly, I don’t think I’ll make one of my own butterflies.  (below)  Mine pale in comparison….not that it is a competition, but I think I should come up with a different design.

flutterbyFor those that aren’t familiar, Doctors Without Borders delivers independent emergency medical care to victims of armed conflict.  They administer relief in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters and they fight deadly epidemics in over 70 countries around the world.  Whenever I start to become self-absorbed over some problem that is occurring in my life, I consider those who have it much worse than I do…and I reach out to help.  It is a humbling experience, something that makes me feel proud.

Lin Schorr has coordinated a large group of international artists that create and donate our work that will be shown at the Northville Art House, 215 W. Cody in Northville, Mi.  from November 7 – December 6.  There is also an online auction at BiddingForGood.com where our pieces will be auctioned off during the last two weeks of the exhibit.

I am so proud to be a part of this project and to have been a part of other projects that Lin has put together for charity.  I find that when I am going through stressful times (as I am right now), doing something for someone less fortunate always gets me back on track.

So now…it’s off to the airport….then back to the drawing board!  I’ll have to come up with something cool and unique this year.  I’m ready.





I was recently contacted by my friend in New Zealand, Dhaj Sumner, who informed me of an upcoming exhibition in my neck of the woods that I am quite excited about.  This one has appeal for nature lovers and art lovers alike.

Coming up next month, the Nature in the Making exhibition of incredible hand woven art will feature interpretations of naturally-formed landscapes and geological forms as seen through the eyes of  UK weaver Stacey Harvey-Brown and fellow-weaver, Agnes Hauptli, from  New Zealand.  Featured  in the B2 Fine Art Gallery in Tacoma, Washington, the exhibit will run from   June 19 through July 25, 2014.

Easily accessible from Portland and Seattle, the exhibit will be the Pacific Northwest’s opportunity to witness a truly remarkable display of woven and pictorial canyons, caverns and stalactites via the artists’ unique 3-D weaving techniques and photographic images.


The work is the two weavers’ specific responses to  the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyons in Arizona, as well as the various cave systems under the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountain ranges in Virginia, where they have met every two years since 2010.  Visitors can witness the woven details of undulating stratum and majestic mountains  in artistic stories told as no one else has ever portrayed them.


Agnes Hauptli uses a computer-assisted jacquard loom to create stunning  colored panels.




Stacey Harvey-Brown uses a shaft loom to create highly textured three-dimensional growth forms installations and large, off-the-wall Strata Wall pieces.



Please tell your friends about this one.  The exhibition is a must-see for art lovers across the PNW!



Agnes is an award-winning, self taught weaver who first  began her artistic weaving endeavors with  a rigid heddle loom in 1992.   She has been in love with the craft of weaving ever since.



Stacy Harvey-Brown’s book, Woven Shibori for Textural Effects: How You Can Weave Waves, Sand Ripples, Volcanoes and Mountains on a Shaft Loom,  can be found  HERE on Amazon.com.  She can be seen in this interesting video about the Jacquard loom:


I sincerely hope that my PNW-area readers will show up at the exhibit and give these two remarkable artists your welcoming support.  This is an installation you will not want to miss!



THU JUNE 19 2014 :: 5PM-8PM

SAT JUNE 21 2014 :: 5PM-8PM

Complex Weavers Conference Attendees & Friends
SUN JUNE 29 2014 :: 8PM-10PM





Nature in the Making – by Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown

Kiera Brinkley – A True Inspiration


I just got back from a quickie trip out of town and am getting ready to do a singing gig tonight at a private event.  However, I am so excited about this dancing duo that I just learned about, that I had to make this post before I leave.   This is Kiera Brinkley and her sister, Uriah Boyd.  20 year old Kiera is a quadruple amputee dancer and a true inspiration.

Soar is the in-progress documentary being made about this remarkable pair and I cannot wait to see it!


When Kiera was only 2 years old, doctors were forced to amputate most of her limbs to prevent the spread of bacterial infection.  Her response was to begin to dance almost immediately, wiggling and squirming to hip-hop music at home.  When she attended Da Vinci Middle School here in Portland, her dance teacher persuaded her to get out of her chair and dance with the other students on the floor.  She hasn’t stopped since.  In 2009, the Dream Factory granted her wish to visit Juilliard and not she is a company member with Polaris Dance Theater, a Portland trouble of young contemporary dancers.



Kiera is small, but is said to take up an expanding cloud of space, rolling and twirling seamlessly.  Her own will and courage is strong and she was raised in an environment that encouraged her to fulfill her dreams.  She is said to have a prim quality about her with pulled-back hair and makeup that is carefully applied.  Accounts characterize her as a “self-described people pleaser.”  Her dredlocked sister, Uriah is not as determined as her sister to continue to dance, but for now, this is what they do.


When Kiera choreographs, she wants to have Uriah there with her.  Through their years of dancing together, they have formed a kind of language that siblings often form.  She refers to it as “sister telepathy.”  If Kiera attempts to communicate a certain move that she is unalbe to replicate with hre body, Uriah translates it with her own.


The next time you find yourself engrossed in self-pity, think about Kiera and be inspired.  This is a remarkable young woman.




Working Artistically With What You Have



As an artist, I often find that the materials that I work with dictate the work’s overall composition and how it turns out.  I work with found objects a lot,  and try to follow their natural contours and shapes to create works of art that reflect the media’s natural properties. This is how it works with artist, Carne Griffiths, from London, whose works (below)  reflect a fascination with automatic drawing, optics and a clear love of nature and floral pattern.  These pieces are worked in a combination of liquids from coffee to gin and vodka, a range of herbal teas and alcohol,  coupled with calligraphic drawing marks and hand embroidered elements.  Aren’t they magnificent?!
invisible lines by Carne Griffiths

Cerebral detail




Everything is a Remix – Documentaries that Will Broaden Your Thinking



Here is a list of  documentaries about creativity that, like the one above, will expand your mind:

The Creative Brain – How Insight Works.

Design, The New Business


Press Pause Play


Infamy – A Graffiti Documentary

Influences – How Trends and Creativity Become Contagious


Design: e2 : e2 – The Green Apple | PBS

Design Genius – Ghosts in the Machine

[1] Life In The Biosphere

Explore the wonder and interconnectedness of the biosphere through the magic of technology.

  1. Home
  2. How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth
  3. The Magical Forest
  4. Ants: Nature’s Secret Power
  5. Mt. Everest: How It Was Made
  6. Mariana’s Trench: The Deepest Spot On Earth
  7. Natural World: The Andes
  8. Shining Mountains: The Rockies
  9. Grand Canyon: How It Was Made
  10. The Intelligence of Plants

[2] Creativity and Design:

Learn about all the amazing things that people create with their imaginations.

  1. Everything Is A Remix
  2. The Creative Brain: How Insight Works
  3. Design: The New Business
  4. PressPausePlay: Art and Creativity in the Digital Age
  5. Infamy: A Graffiti Documentary
  6. Influencers: How Trends and Creativity Become Contagious
  7. RIP: A Remix Manifesto
  8. Design: e² – Sustainable Architecture
  9. The Genius Of Design

[3] The Education Industrial Complex:

The modern school where young minds are moulded into standardized citizens by the state.

  1. The College Conspiracy
  2. Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk
  3. The Forbidden Education
  4. Default: The Student Loan Documentary
  5. College Inc.
  6. Education For A Sustainable Future
  7. Networked Society: The Future of Learning
  8. The Ultimate History Lesson With John Taylor Gatto
  9. The Education System in Communist China
  10. The War On Kids

[4] The Digital Revolution:

The Internet is now the driving force behind change and innovation in the world.

  1. The Age of Big Data
  2. Resonance: Beings of Frequency
  3. Life In A Day
  4. Networked Society: On The Brink
  5. Us Now: Social Media and Mass Collaboration
  6. WikiRebels: The WikiLeaks Story
  7. The Virtual Revolution: The Cost of Free
  8. How Hackers Changed the World

[5] A New Civilization:

We are at the dawn of a new golden age of human inventiveness.

  1. THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
  2. Zeitgeist III: Moving Forward
  3. Paradise or Oblivion
  4. 2012: Time For Change
  5. The Crisis of Civilization
  6. The Collective Evolution II
  7. The Quickening: Awakening As One
  8. 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning
  9. Collapse
  10. The Awakening

[6] Politics:

Explore the politics of power and control and how it affects your life.

  1. Owned and Operated
  2. UnGrip
  3. The Power Principle
  4. The True Story of Che Guevara
  5. Earth Days
  6. Capitalism Is The Crisis
  7. WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower
  8. The Putin System
  9. The War On Democracy
  10. Rise Like Lions: Occupy Wall Street and the Seeds of Revolution

[7] Biographies of Genius:

The biographies of modern geniuses who pushed humanity forward.

  1. Isaac Newton: The Last Magician
  2. The Unlimited Energy of Nicola Tesla
  3. The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla
  4. Richard Feynman: No Ordinary Genius
  5. How Albert Einstein’s Brain Worked
  6. The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein
  7. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything

[8] War:

War is history’s oldest racket for stealing from the powerless and redistributing resources to the powerful.

  1. Psywar: The Real Battlefield Is Your Mind
  2. The Secret History of 9/11
  3. Robot Armies in the Future
  4. The Never Ending War in Afghanistan
  5. Shadow Company: Mercenaries In The Modern World
  6. Why We Fight
  7. The Fog Of War
  8. The Oil Factor: Behind The War On Terror

[9] Economics:

Learn about the financial system works and how people and societies are enslaved through debt.

  1. The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power
  2. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
  3. The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World
  4. The One Percent
  5. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
  6. The Last Days Of Lehman Brothers
  7. The Four Horsemen
  8. Inside Job: The Biggest Robbery In Human History
  9. Capitalism A Love Story
  10. Money and Life

[10] Digital Entrepreneurship:

Profiles of the entrepreneurs who used technology to change the world.

  1. The Life Of A Young Entrepreneur
  2. Profile: Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  3. Profile: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
  4. Starting-Up in America
  5. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
  6. Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy
  7. Elon Musk: Risk Takers
  8. The Story of Twitter

[11] Sports:

Watch the inspiring stories of amazing athletes.

  1. Fearless: The Jeb Corliss Story
  2. Carts of Darkness
  3. Usain Bolt: The World’s Fastest Man
  4. Wayne Gretzky: The Life and Times
  5. Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory
  6. Birdmen
  7. The Legacy Of Michael Jordan
  8. We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding

[12] Technology:

Find out more about the impact of exponential growth and the approaching Singularity.

  1. Ray Kurzweil: The Transcendent Man
  2. How Robots Will Change the World
  3. Human 2.0
  4. Trance-Formation: The Future of Humanity
  5. The Venus Project: Future By Design
  6. Bionics, Transhumanism And The End Of Evolution
  7. The Singularity Is Near
  8. Car Technology Of The Future

[13] Origins of Religion:

Explore the original religious experience of mankind at the dawn of civilization.

  1. Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within
  2. Manifesting the Mind: Footprints of the Shaman
  3. Ancient Egypt and The Alternative Story of Mankind’s Origins
  4. The Hidden Knowledge of the Supernatural
  5. Re-Awaken: Open Your Heart, Expand Your Mind
  6. Shamans of the Amazon
  7. The Root of All Evil: The God Delusion
  8. Ancient Knowledge
  9. The Naked Truth
  10. Before Babel: In Search of the First Language

[14] Western Religion:

The fascinating history of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

  1. Secret Quest: The Path of the Christian Gnostics
  2. The Secret Gate of Eden
  3. Forbidden Knowledge: Lost Secrets of the Bible
  4. Banned From The Bible: Secrets Of The Apostles
  5. The Road To Armageddon
  6. Muhammad: The Legacy of a Prophet
  7. A Complete History of God
  8. Gnosis: The Untold History of the Bible

[15] Eastern Religion:

Expand your mind by also studying the entirely different religious worldviews of the East.

  1. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
  2. The Life Of The Buddha
  3. The Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World
  4. Mysteries of the Cosmic OM: Ancient Vedic Science
  5. Where Science and Buddhism Meet
  6. The Yogis of Tibet
  7. Taj Mahal: Secrets To Blow Your Mind
  8. Light at the Edge of the World: Tibetan Science of the Mind
  9. Myths of Mankind: The Mahabharata
  10. Ayurveda: The Art of Being

[16] Consciousness:

Learn about the basic unity of existence and the miracle of consciousness.

  1. Athene’s Theory of Everything
  2. Theory of Everything: GOD, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons & The Illusion of Reality
  3. The God Within: Physics, Cosmology and Consciousness
  4. 5 Gateways: The Five Key Expansions of Consciousness
  5. Return to the Source: Philosophy and The Matrix
  6. The Holographic Universe
  7. DMT: The Spirit Molecule
  8. Kymatica
  9. Neuroplasticity: The Brain That Changes Itself

[17] Mysteries:

Indiana Jones-style explorations into the unsolved mysteries of the past.

  1. Alchemy: Sacred Secrets Revealed
  2. The Day Before Disclosure
  3. The Pyramid Code
  4. The Secret Design of the Egyptian Pyramids
  5. Decoding the Past: Secrets of the Dollar Bill
  6. Origins of the Da Vinci Code
  7. Forbidden Knowledge: Ancient Medical Secrets
  8. Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings: The New Atlantis
  9. Secrets in Plain Sight

[18] Mass Culture:

Learn about how our thoughts and opinions are influenced by mass culture.

  1. The Century of the Self
  2. All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
  3. The Power Of Nightmares
  4. Starsuckers: A Culture Obsessed By Celebrity
  5. Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century
  6. Obey: The Death of the Liberal Class
  7. Motivational Guru: The Story of Tony Robbins
  8. Bob Marley: Freedom Road
  9. Radiant City

[19] Corporate Media:

Discover how the mass media and advertisers channel our irrational impulses.

  1. Weapons of Mass Deceptions
  2. Secrets of the Superbrands
  3. Orwell Rolls in his Grave
  4. The Esoteric Agenda
  5. Propaganda
  6. The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News
  7. Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
  8. Symbolism in Logos: Subliminal Messages or Ancient Archetypes
  9. Edward Snowden: A Truth Unveiled
  10. Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

[20] Art and Literature:

Explore the lives of famous artists and how art opens people’s minds.

  1. Cosm: Alex Gray’s Visionary Art
  2. Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop
  3. New Art and the Young Artists Behind It
  4. Salvador Dali: A Master of the Modern Era
  5. The Day Pictures Were Born
  6. Off-Book: Digital Age Creativity
  7. This Is Modern Art

[21] Health:

Explore issues in health, how our bodies work and the incredible power of our brains.

  1. The Human Brain
  2. The Truth About Vitamins
  3. How To Live To 101
  4. America’s Obesity Epidemic
  5. The War On Health
  6. The Beautiful Truth
  7. Food Inc.
  8. The Truth About Food
  9. The Living Matrix

[22] Drugs:

Documentaries on the effect of drugs — legal and illegal — on the body and mind.

  1. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
  2. The Drugging Of Our Children
  3. How Marijuana Affects Your Health
  4. Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
  5. Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
  6. LSD: The Beyond Within
  7. The War on Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex
  8. Are Illegal Drugs More Dangerous Than Legal Drugs?
  9. The Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic
  10. Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

[23] Environment:

Thought-provoking documentaries on the environmental movement and the growing threats to our biosphere.

  1. Earthlings
  2. Blue Gold: World Water Wars
  3. Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis
  4. All Things Are Connected
  5. The Fight For Amazonia
  6. Flow: For Love Of Water
  7. Here Comes the Sun
  8. The World According To Monsanto
  9. The Story of Stuff

[24] Cosmos:

Expand your mind by exploring our indescribably large and beautiful Cosmos.

  1. The Search for Planets Similar to Earth
  2. Cosmic Journeys : The Largest Black Holes in the Universe
  3. The Mystery of the Milky Way
  4. Fractals: The Hidden Dimension
  5. Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking: The Story of Everything
  6. Pioneer Science: Discovering Deep Space
  7. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos
  8. The Strangest Things In The Universe

[25] Science:

The history of scientific discovery and how scientific instruments expand our perception.

  1. The Complete History of Science
  2. Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell
  3. Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time
  4. Quantum Mechanics: Fabric of the Cosmos
  5. The Light Fantastic
  6. DNA: The Secret of Life
  7. Parallel Universes, Alternative Timelines & Multiverse
  8. What Is The Higgs Boson?
  9. Infinity

[26] Evolution:

The story of our evolution and the emergence of self-aware human beings.

  1. The Origin of Life
  2. Homo Sapiens: The Birth of Humanity
  3. Beyond Me
  4. The Global Brain
  5. Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature
  6. Birth Of A New Humanity
  7. Samsara
  8. Ape Man: Adventures in Human Evolution
  9. The Incredible Human Journey
  10. The Human Family Tree

[27] Psychology and The Brain:

New research is shining a spotlight on how we can improve our brains.

  1. How Smart Can We Get?
  2. The Science of Lust
  3. The Secret You
  4. What Are Dreams?
  5. A Virus Called Fear
  6. Beyond Thought (Awareness Itself)
  7. The Human Brain
  8. Superconscious Mind: How To Double Your Brain’s Performance
  9. How Does Your Memory Work?
  10. Secrets of the Mind

[28] Modern History:

The story of the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the modern world.

  1. History of the World in Two Hours
  2. The Industrial Revolution
  3. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
  4. The French Revolution
  5. Big Sugar
  6. The American Revolution

[29] Pre-Modern History:

The story of the Americas and European history in the pre-modern world.

  1. Socrates, Aristotle and Plato
  2. The Medici: The Most Influencial Family In The World
  3. A History of Celtic Britain
  4. The Crusades: Victory and Defeat
  5. The Vikings: Voyage To America
  6. Copernicus and the Scientific Revolution

[30] Current Events:

Become more informed about current events that are shaping the world.

  1. Syria: The Reckoning
  2. Empire: Putin’s Russia
  3. The New Arms Race
  4. The Killing of Yasser Arafat
  5. Egypt In Crisis
  6. Inside Obama’s Presidency
  7. The Untouchables: How Obama Protected Wall Street
  8. Behind The Rhetoric: The Real Iran
  9. A History of the Middle East since WWII
  10. Climate Wars

[31] Ancient Civilizations:

Fascination explorations into the ancient civilizations of our past.

  1. The Persian Empire : Most Mysterious Civilization in the Ancient World
  2. What The Ancients Did For Us
  3. What the Ancients Knew
  4. Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids
  5. Secrets of the Ancient Empires
  6. Graham Hancock’s Quest For The Lost Civilization
  7. Atlantis: The Lost Continent
  8. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

– See more at: http://www.thinkinghumanity.com/2014/03/300-plus-mind-expanding-documentaries.html#sthash.DPxFhhwR.dpuf

Sometimes It Is Difficult Being in Grad School



This is me, all over the place.

A Case for Photorealism


I have never been a big fan of photorealism. If I want to see real life, I will look at real life.  Mind you, *I* can’t paint realistically…but I don’t want to.  While I strongly appreciate the skill that it takes to paint realistically,  I  look at art to find the greater meaning…the humor…the sadness…the message…and I have always found photorealism to be off-putting, unless it was on some huge scale that made a statement by virtue of its size, or something like that.  It is rendered using specific techniques sort of like mechanical drafting that I find dry and boring, in many cases, but not always.  The art of Cesar Santander is one of the exceptions.  His work amazes me.  It is bold and vibrant and has a “greater than life” quality.  I love all of the tiny details…the sugar falling off of the doughnuts…the scratches on the old tin box, the reflection of the light on the crayons, et al.

Enjoy the work of Cesar Santander, and visit his website at:  http://www.cesarsantander.com/ 



Image ImageImageImageImage

Snow Day in Portland


It snows infrequently in Portland.  This morning, when I saw the first flakes drifting from the gray sky, I thought to check the hummingbird feeder.  Sure enough, it was frozen solid, so I brought it indoors, thawed it out and refilled it with nectar concentrate, this time, using warm water.  No sooner had I hung it back out than this little guy discovered it and took a long, thirsty drink.



When the snow really started to come down, I grabbed the camera and walked around the block to get a few shots. Not all birds fared as gracefully as the hummingbird.


Some of our plants had been fooled into thinking spring had come early.  Unfortunately for them, it clearly has not.



I love how the snow instantly transformed the hood into a winter wonderland.   And even in the snow, love still abounds.



The tree branches gently caressed the falling snow which contrasted beautifully with the green moss.


Even the gargoyles are tucked up tight against the freezing wind.


And the snow leaves its cryptic messages on the walk….


Even my little spring-colored mosaic Zen house is shivering!


It is still snowing as I write this.  Puppy is snug and warm by the fireplace and I am getting ready to enjoy a bowl of homemade Tom Yam coconut soup, firey hot with peppers and kale-stuffed dumplings.


 Beatrix and I are going to hunker down and be thankful that we are warm and safe.  This is going to be a peaceful evening.