Betsabeé Romero in Reno

I went to see the Betsabeé Romero show at the Nevada Museum of Art a few days ago and would like to write about two parts of the exhibit.  The exhibit is Romero’s first solo museum exhibition in the western United States.   She is one of the most highly evered Mexican artists of her generation. and is known for combining indigenous and folkloric designs with non-traditional art-making materials, and for creating inventive installations inspired by literature and diverse cultures.  She created a series of four new installations for the exhibition, with an overriding thematic focus on transportation—both literal and metaphorical.


The first pieces were large circular discs that were suspended about a foot away from the wall and facing a window.  The light from the window penetrated the surface of the various materials on the discs to reflect beautiful colored shadows on the wall behind them.


The soft light and color filtering through the discs were magically multi-dimensional.  Their overall affect was one of serenity.


Another part of the exhibit was Romero’s use of go cart wheels and gold leaf to make both physical sculptures and prints on paper.  Romero transformed tires in art from their status as a symbol of urban blight to one of progress and creative thinking.  This part of the exhibit was called, “Urban Stalactites and Stalagmites” and used Spanish and colonial patterns common to Mexico.


The tires were inked, at one point, and rolled across papers to create serigraphs that repeated the designs.


Ready to Grout!

I finished sticking the tesserae onto my mosaic guitar last night. It is now ready for grout.  I am still contemplating colors.  Thinking of either doing a multi-colored, bright grout or charcoal gray.  Will have to think about it for awile….but I think I’ll probably go with the dark gray.

The front:


And the back:

pregrout guitar back

After the piece is grouted, I will be listing it on Etsy.  Will post a notice here.

Doctor’s Without Borders Auction is Now in Session!

There are so many beautiful pieces up for bid at this auction.  With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to get a stunning piece of art at a great price while helping out an excellent organization.


Let the Bidding Begin!

2014 International Mosaic Auction…a benefit for

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“Humanitarian action is based on the conviction that ordinary people caught in conflict and crisis, whoever and wherever they may be, deserve to be spared from the excesses of violence and to receive lifesaving assistance that is impartial, neutral, and free from political or religious agendas.” Nicolas de Torrent; former Executive Director, MSF-USA


Payment & Shipping of your Mosaic Art

All dollars are in US currency. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted. All sales are final.

Winning bidders are responsible for all fees associated with the mailing/packaging of the Mosaic Art. Your Mosaic Art will be shipped as soon as payments have been processed. You are responsible and liable for ensuring the accuracy of your shipping address; please double-check your My Account profile (even if you believe the information is correct) to confirm that it’s accurate.

The winning bidder acknowledges that Auction Organizer, Linda Schorr/Lin Schorr – Mixed Media Mosaics, makes no representation as to the value of the mosaic art. The Artists Market Value will accompany the shipment of the mosaic artwork to the winning bidder.

All Mosaic Art will be shipped ‘As Is’. The winning bidder acknowledges that Auction Organizer, Linda Schorr/Lin Schorr – Mixed Media Mosaics will not be held responsible or liable for loss or damage incurred by the US or foreign postal delivery systems.

                                 SHIPPING INFORMATION

US/Domestic Shipments:

The majority of mosaics will be shipped individually via USPS Priority Flat Rate.

The current Flat Rate Fee per artwork:

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No exceptions.


International Shipments (including Mexico and Canada):

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Counting the Countless – A Good Day in Texas


Magdalena Abakanowicz is one of my favorite artists.  She makes art about the “countless”… those countless people and animals that are so easily grouped together in life…..the homeless, the Holocaust Jews and Gypsies, the poor, the unemployed, minority women, stray dogs, bees….living creatures in groups that lose their individuality because they amass in such huge numbers that society stops viewing them as individuals and sees them blindly as one entity….the group…..the countless.  There are too many of them to count, yet each one is still an individual.  Abakanowicz is on of this world’s most important artists and one that I wholly appreciate for the depth and breadth of her remarkable creations.

 She says: “I feel overwhelmed by quantity where counting no longer makes sense. By unrepeatability within such quantity. A crowd of people or birds, insect or leaves, is a mysterious assemblage of variants of a certain prototype, a riddle of nature abhorrent to exact repetition or inability to produce it, just as a human hand can not repeat its own gesture”.                        




This is me, standing in front of one of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s most famous installations, “Bronze Crowd” in Dallas, at the Nasher Sculpture Center.  The light scrolls are Photoshopped in, simply because I liked the affect.  We had just dined inside, and were strolling around the grounds together, thrilled, as always, by the outstanding works of art that surrounded us.  That was a particularly wonderful day.  When it isn’t crowded, Nasher is the perfect place to meditate.  It is peaceful there.  Beautiful.  Hard to believe it is even in Texas at all.

I was thrilled to be standing in front of the Abakanowicz piece.  Each statue is headless…and slightly different from the next.  The installation signifies a statement about lost individuality.  In addition to victims of atrocities, I look at this work and  think of those that try so hard to fit in with what they are “supposed” to do, and, in the process, lose who they really are.  They forget to smile.  They forget to love.  They forget to have fun  They lose their voices in the fray.  This installation is a reminder that each person on this earth is an individual with unique qualities worth paying attention to.



Nasher has a fantastic gift shop.  In the picture above, I was wearing my new SAAKO infinity scarf  that I had received as a gift from their shop. It has flecks of gold in it and is truly beautiful! I have been addicted to these scarves since then, and have now amassed quite the collection of them.

The Nasher Sculpture Center is located in the heart of Dallas’ thriving downtown Arts District.  Going there is my second favorite activity when I visit the Dallas area. 🙂   It is located at 2001 Flora Street.  If you ever find yourself in close proximity, do go there.  It is an art oasis that you will never forget.