Daily Archives: June 2, 2019

Another perfect day


We have just returned from an almost month long vacation in Napa.  On our way home, we spent the last night at Crater Lake….just out of a sense of sentiment.  We both love it there, and Crater Lake Lodge is one of my favorite places on the planet…..and it’s in Oregon, of course!  We were excited to be headed back to our home, but we took the time for one more night at this beautiful spot.

The sun was out. The sky was blue. It couldn’t have been lovelier!  We were both exhausted from the whirlwind of activity we’d experienced in the Valley, so this stop was a welcome stop indeed.

I’m writing this from the car, which is an impossible task, so I’ll do a complete blog about our fantastic trip as soon as I can. Just uploading the pictures to hold a spot.