Daily Archives: April 2, 2019



Magisto is a video editing app that used to be useful, user-friendly and fun. The current version now costs almost $30 a month to use, is overly complicated and I can only produce rubbish on it. Big disappointment!

This is a quick sample video I did. Very disappointed in all aspects of this app. Definitely canceling my subscription.

President Obama-America’s Most Admired Man 11 Years in a Row!


How many times has Donald Trump been named “Most Admired Man of the Year”? Let’s see…Is it this year? Was it last year…the year before? Never. Not once. Not even close. Rasmussen, a poll that virtually ALWAYS leans to the right hasn’t even shown him as MAMOTY! Nope.

For 11 years…..more than an entire decade…. it has been Barack Obama.

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