Are you a racist?


How to determine if you are a racist.

You say “I’m not a racist” at least twice a week.
You say, “I’m not a racist, but…”
You say, “I don’t hate black people (or Mexicans, or Muslims), but why do they have to…”

You give what YOU feel are “cute” racist names to ethnic groups…such as “Mu-slimes” or “Nigg*ers”.
You feel compelled to point out undesirable characteristics or behavior by groups of people according to their skin color, birthplace, income level, religion, et al
You find yourself explaining to people why you are not a racist.
You defend racists, not for their racism, but for their “good qualities.”
You call any place where people of color live a “shit hole” or similar derogatory term. (Add an additional strike if you rent to them).
You tell people, “I don’t know the proper term to call you.”You have a black friend, or co-worker or one goes to your church. (We all do. But we like our friends, we don’t parade them like trophies. Get over it. Only racists feel the need to point to them like badges of honor.)
It’s important to you that people think you’re not a racist.
You say, “you don’t hear me complaining about Asians.”

You consider anyone who doesn’t adhere to white people socialization to be beneath you, wrong or inappropriate.

Scoring:If you fit two or more descriptions, you’re probably a racist. Four, you are one. All ten and you’re the President. And if you don’t think he’s a racist, that’s hint 12.
If you don’t think the President’s racist, you definitely are.

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  1. Racist, sexist, capitalist, … I’m getting soooo tired of all those #Me too ‘ists. A decent comedian cannot even open his mouth anymore without being accused of one of those and by consequence are very often barred to perform at a Left-ist campus. And even in a regular conversation there will ALWAYS be someone to point out what kind of -ist you are. The so called “political correctness” is drowning whatever debate and the so much cherished first amendment. It’s not allowed to link terrorism to radical Islam while it’s eagerly acknowledged by the same circles that the aborting debate and the ensuing violence against those clinics are the work of fundamentalist Christians. It’s not allowed to point at the racial issue when discussing crime and welfare while affirming that “positive” discrimination is a GOOD thing (poor whites can go to hell, the Asiatic influx in higher education has to be trimmed and graduation norms at high schools have to be lowered so that the RIGHT people also stand a chance). Political correct thinking is the biggest challenge democracy has ever met when the word of one woman, relating a shaky story of what he might (or not) have done as a teenager (30 years or so before) has the potential to send his career to shatters.

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