Personal Projects


Just spent nearly a month in Reno.  Had quality time with all of our friends there.  Spent time at the lake.  Went out dancing.  Went to a party. Went out to eat a lot.  Met friends for drinks.  Hiked.  Laughed.  It was a great vacation.  

However, we’re home now, and are both faced with our own projects to get back to.

For far too long now, I have put the agendas of others before my own, which has resulted in my propping up some people and neglecting my own dreams.   With my birthday rapidly approaching, I have decided to turn the page on this chapter of my life and to embrace my own personal projejcts.  There are many of them.

Spent the weekend working on my cookbook project.  I am co-writing it with an avid meat chef, and am publishing my own vegetarian recipes to go with her meat recipes for the transitioning vegetarian family.  Now that I have it all formatted and outlined, the content seems to be flowing freely, and it is moving at a fast past….at least the skeletal portion of the book is.  I still have to actually cook and photograph the food, which is no small task.

I am also restocking my kitchen and bringing it up to date, equipment-wise, replacing my pots, pans, knives and electric equipment.  This, too, is going to be a slow process, as I have very expensive tastes.  Good thing I’m a bargain shopper!

Elated about the sale of one of my pieces that was in Guaardino Gallery for the Day of the Dead exhibit, I am also busily planning more art projects.  I took Michael DeMeng’s class about how to make a 3-D tarot card “monster” and plan to do other characters along those lines as well.  I am going to do some paintings and I’m also going to get back to my mosaic guitar project.  My plan is to create enough pieces for an exhibit.  However, every time I make one, I end up selling it to some admiring friend who can’t believe how beauitful it is….so I have no stock….for now.

The Portland autumn has been dramatic and beautiful.  I’ve been spending as much time as I can outdoors, taking long walks during the day, and working in the yard when I have time.  I’m feeling pretty good about life.  Things are going well……making the wait much less painful.

Please tell me what you think! Go on! Leave a comment! It's ok! :-)

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