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Three Weeks in Reno


Today marks the final day of three wonderful weeks in Reno.  We’re already set to return in March, for three more weeks of fellowship and adventure.  During this trip,  I cooked and cooked and cooked…because I am going down the final stretch in completing my cookbook.  I tested many recipes and am happy to say that the majority of them were successes….but some were flops, naturally.  In any case, I feel good about it all.


While in Reno, we spent an afternoon at the Italian Festival downtown.  Was the perfect venue for people watching!   Elio Satcchi entertained us beautifully.


We went to the lake twice, to Virginia City, to the hot springs in Carson City via the instructions of a close friend who told me all about “hammer time” a local phenomenon. The sunsets were magnificent.  We don’t have big skies like this in Portland because of the low cloud coverage.


The Lake Tahoe water was the most beautiful color!



We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to come back….however….

I’ve missed Portland and my family and friends there.  I’ve missed making art and making music.  I’ve missed our wonderful neighborhood and I’ve missed my fabulous, gentle art friends who would rather die than say anything negative about another person.  I love Portland.  Reno provides a much harsher culture and way of life.  Except for the occaional political flare up that is always confined to a small area and lied about regularly on FOX (Faux) News, it is the most peaceful and beautiful place I have ever lived.

Two of my sister wives are planning an April visit, and I can’t wait to see them again….which I will…in March.

Feeling good today, happy.  I have a great husband and two sweet little pups at my side.  Life is happy and good.


This is my dear sisterwife, Kat Wilson doing what she does best.  She is a true Reno star.IMG_7986

Here are some shots of the local art museum.  Saw an amazing and wonderful exhibit





R.I.P. Roger


Sad to report that our former neighbor in the SF Bay Area has died. Roger and his mother (pictured) both died within 10 days of one another. He was a well-known and tremendously talented photographer, who was one of the nicest, most helpful and creative individuals I have ever met. He will be missed by his family, many friends and fans.

So long, Roger.

A Lazy Day at the Lake


We’re spending most of this month in the Reno/Tahoe area. Today was a bright and breezy day that we decided to spend at the lake.  Here are some of the shots that I took.  They could have been better, but I shot the majority of them from a moving car, since I didn’t want to take my big camera on our hike.  Hope you enjoy.  Best viewed with your screen enlarged and sound on.