Jetsetting It


Just got in from an impromptu trip.  Don’t you love it that, thanks to modern technology, you can get a call from someone.  Hop a train to the airport in 12 minutes, and be at your destination in another state in a matter of hours?  Cost me under $300 round-trip.  Spent zero while I was there.  Had LOTS of fun….and now I’m home.

Had to get up long before dawn to catch the next flight home, but I made it. Just walked in the door.  Last night feels like a dream….a great big wonderful dream, and I’m all smiles this morning.

The sun is shining today, but it is warm, and not hot, which I love.  I look forward to spending the day with John working on our house and yard. It is so rare for us both to have a day off together.  We’re planning to take full advantage of it.

Big project of the day for me is to prepare the patio to paint it. John will be trimming the hedge.  Tonight….another musical night out.  Looking forward to it.

Thinking of my precious father today.   He was a good and honorable soldier who served his country with pride, and is a generally good person today.  Wishing I could be there with him.

Happy Veterans Day, everyone.



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