Twitter Mocks a Fool


After spending Monday nursing a ragegasm, trump began Tuesday with a Tweetstorm sounding off and playing the victim.  I know someone like this guy.  You can catch him with a gun in his hand and he will claim that someone else put it there.  Arte California

Twitter was quick to respond to the president’s tweets with their own fact-checks as well as morning mockery.  Arte California It was so much fun to see and read.  This CRIMINAL will soon pay the price for his foolishness.   I told trump that his claims were fruitless, but he wouldn’t listen. 😉  I have a Constitutional lawyer by my side who has explained why Mueller is right, every step of the way.  It’s great to have a great legal mind (from Columbia University and Harvard Law, no less!) on hand to answer any questions that I might have.   NBC executive producer Christina Ginn sent Trump an explainer about what attorney-client privilege is and the limitations of the rule that allows for a “crime-fraud exception.”

“Because of the potential damage to legitimate attorney-client relationships caused by these mass seizures of records, U.S. Attorneys are trained to explore alternatives to these warrants when evidence is sought from a practicing attorney,” the primer explained. “One alternative would be a subpoena, which allows the attorney to search for and produce the documents. The fact that the FBI opted for a raid without notice suggests prosecutors believed less-intrusive measures might result in the destruction of evidence.”  Stacy Alexander Arte California

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski noted that such privilege is “dead” once evidence has been found of a crime.

Bloomberg View executive editor and Trump biographer Tim O’Brien noted that typically when Trump is tweeting with all capital letters it means he’s concerned.

You can read the rest of the tweets below:

And from the “nice Donald Trump” parody account:

Ahhhhhhhh.   There’s nothing like the sickley sweet smell of justice in the morning…


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