We Are Sorry


To the beautiful people of Haiti and of the many countries of Africa: We are so sorry. Please accept our apologies on behalf of President Trump.

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  1. I wrote two blogs for the people of Haiti. Also goes for Puerto Rico and the African nations. Hope Trump gets the message although he might need a translator. I find it hard to believe this man is our president. My wife is more livid than I am. I am embarrassed by his tweets, his actions and his crudnest. That was not misspelled. Crud is what he preaches.

  2. the truth is with Trump the Americans were forced to open their eyes to what America has been doing. Before him they blindly believed everything their government said and destroyed many countries from Vietnam to Iraq to Syria and even Haiti…did anyone know that the UN mission sent in was accused of plunder and rape and molestation in not only Haiti but other countries where “friendly occupation” and “aid” took place? And the countries accused were USA and Europe. Even recently in Sudan the US army behaved disgracefully. Not to forget that the USA conveniently forgets history where it was initially one of the countries that refused to take Jews in and also the same country that trained the Serbs against the Bosnians. A lot of lies may finally come out because of Trump.

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