A word from Ms. Tan


The following is from Amy Tan:

I was shocked and dismayed to learn a few days ago that a friend I’ve known for years is an ardent 45 supporter. The realization that we are fundamentally and morally very different people was underscored when I was told her answer to healthcare was this: “If someone cannot afford health insurance, they should work two jobs, and then they will be able to pay for it.” What a simple answer! Hey, cancer patients, did you hear that? 
I have mulled over why she would say this. It’s significant, I think, that she makes millions a year. I think it goes along with the 45 belief system: that “America First” for many 45 supporters is “Me, first.” Their rationale is that they don’t want to pay for those who they perceive to be a burden on society. To them, people in Puerto Rico are not American citizens and thus, we should not provide too much assistance. Guess what? They are American citizens and we should help them as we did those in Texas and Florida. Under 45’s steering we are headed toward a Mockracy of what the values of this country used to be. Pack up the Statue of Liberty and send her to Puerto Rico.  
The 45 supporters have perverted the word, “Liberal.” They say it with a sneer, implying that Liberals are spendthrifts and flaky over “political correctness.” They think people are being too sensitive when racial epithets are thrown around and women are referred to as bitches and sluts. Liberals, they say, are concerned with non-essential issues, like polar ice caps melting versus the benefits of coal mining. They say: What’s wrong with turning national parks into privatized real estate? They think the answer to people who are struggling is a trickle-down economy, which has always served as the potemkin of the GOP’s false beneficence, proven to benefit only the wealthy.  
The 45 supporters can continue to mock “liberals” as soft on issues that they think are dragging down the country. I define Liberal as COMPASSIONATE. We are the compassionate people who believe “Me First” is the opposite of making America great. We care about everyone, now and into the future.  
   I cannot maintain a civil relationship with my friend, the 45 supporter. I could not bear to hear her mocking tone about liberal concerns, her disdain for those who need compassion instead of a second job to pay for healthcare.  
I know that some followers on my Facebook page are 45 supporters and may be offended by what I say. Perhaps you don’t follow all of 45’s Ideology. But if you do, please don’t bother to threaten to never buy my books. My answer to that is a hearty laugh. In fact, you definitely should not buy my next book. It contains a chapter on the morality of those who have bought into 45’s ideology. A 45 fan would hate it.

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