Charlie Zero – A Poet for Our Times


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There is nothing typical about 31 year old contemporary poet, Charlie Zero. From L.A,  the young artist has been composing stream of conscientiousness poetry for 17 years.   I have a special relationship with Charlie.  He calls me “MoM” and I call him “Sonny boy” or “son.”  We are as alike as we are different.

Charlie’s work resonated with me early on, and for a good reason. He is influenced by some of the historical  literary and music figures that I admire most….William Boroughs, William Gibson, Allen Ginsberg, Fredereck Nitche, Captain Beefheart, to name a few….. He also cites Stanley Kubric,  and French film and theatre director, screenwriter, playwright, actor, author, poet, producer, composer, musician, comics writer, and spiritual guru, Alejandro Jodorowsky as influences, and also specific musical influences, such as jazz as being influential.

He attributes three primary factors to shaping his current work:

  1.    Dream sequences
  2.    The current state of the world
  3.    A sense of heightened paranoia

In addressing his poetry, Charlie uses what he refers to as the “cut up technique,” or, as it is known in French, the découpé literary method in which a stream of thought or literary work is cut up and rearranged to create an entirely new piece of work. I use a similar technique in my painting, at times, when I cut up the work of a famous artist, and reclaim it as my own composition.

Charlie is attracted to the odd and unusual, and with his work, seeks a sense of hope and safety. He is currently working on his second book of poetry.  His first book is entitled, “The Robot Dream; Inside a Plastic Soul.”

Without further adieu, here is some of Charlie’s awesome work.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, because to me, this is an exceptional young man who has something profound to express.

Gandalf’s Lesbian Fettuccine


Two hobbits one cup
let it play in –
like 5 nuns licking
a punching bag.
And Mona Lisa
shreds her version
of vagina fettuccine.

Westboro Baptist Church
your comical inventions
puts Kirk Cameron
on family feud.
You guys make holiness
feel gonorrhea & Coca cola.

Bob hope would pee
in his speedos –
if he’d found out
Frodo Baggins
was a lesbian pudding
filing for chapter 13 in bankruptcy.

Brad Pitt, you we’re right.
Antiperspirant leads to prostitution.
Take some advice
from Gandalf.
He shook hands with Bill Cosby
the king of Oscar Mayer Wieners.
Doesn’t that mean Whoopi Goldberg to you?
No, it doesn’t…
but if you sell me athlete’s foot
for $5 bucks, will call it ‘lee van cleef’, deal.

All Rights Reserved – 2017

Charlie Zero the Poet

Absurd Stories from the Talking Diarrhea


President Diarrhea speaks:

My fellow ohhhmericans…

We the pimple
face the greatest threat of all –
enchiladas & victoria secret
If you want to cook lingerie
I suggest seasoning it
with sex appeal & anemic,
the darker we cook it,
the more succulent discoveries
of the big bang nostrils taste.

Health care coverage –
sponsors eat less
& gluten later.
Gucci & Calvin Klein
They demand sexy
to be the next casket.

Pimple of planet girth
your Eiffel Tower shafts
grow veiny & hard
try “Joe Pesci’s”, prophylactic
the best #1 doctor recommended.

Protects against:
Soy yogurt, Tofu,
Seitan, Chickpeas,
Cashews, Brown rice,
Quinoa, Multigrain pasta,
Dry broth, Sun-dried tomatoes,
Flax seeds, & Nutritional yeast…

Be patient hombre’s
hold on to your mac & cheez
Al Qaeda’s got the beans burning.

Purging disorder,
look around you
replicas compete
with one another.

Michael Kors
eat me,
buy me.

The sucked face assholes
of ohhhmerica –
should Botox their nut sacks
and illegalize Panda express.

Don’t even get me started on the bible.
The worst science fiction
since Neil Armstrong
took Viagra mistaking it for penicillin.
You see the problem folks: Listerine power to your prejudice.

[Note: This poem is NOT about ‘Trump’. In fact – its my own world of  ‘ohhhmerica’, and how I’d like to see it one day –
society speaking in weird manner towards one another
and its consumerism of absurdity.]

Vervain Earthlings


Apotheosis tyro,
you see its abscissa;
forming into a sapient.
Vervain jeers at dots
with guile and immure.

frailty intuit,
despair of organisms.
varmint hod,
rumple sinew debunks somehow.

Extraterrestrials piss
out a gooey homunculus
featherlike albatross mutant.
Its glass hollow teeth
a crystal ball of futureless seems.

Permanent measles…
Sorry, hot blind stitch.
Unwind, you circle-mill hue –
crack the smoother invite the few.

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.


Eaten by Eros Whispering Remains


Time chewer
whispers untying,
eaten by eros
love maids’ seduce turbulence.

Dolphin’s breath
edits the pine gods.
ebony celiac,
the horrific ones
pleased unperceived.

Crocodiles & vipers
inhale the mushroom.
Its profound colloquial –
remains a loud staid
endangered glimmer.

Gruesome cream
and coda cork.
Cumulonimbus carcass,
devils brothel
mosque in revelry,
escort biohazard –
you now, manufacture spirit.

Thespian whirlwind
shadows blue pig dire.
A smite emit fling;
this antifreeze can’t think.


Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.


For more examples of Charlie Zero’s poetry, please visit his website.    CLICK HERE

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