Oh, Baby…you DO go down smooth….


Feeling the music right now . Thought I’d share some of my favorites and the songs that have special meaning to me right now.

I listen to Lake Street Dive constantly, and feel that Rachel Price is one of the best contemporary singers to come down the pike since Annie Lennox.  It has been so much fun to watch this band rise higher and higher on the popularity scales, and not at all surprising.  They cannot come to the Pacific NW without finding Stacy sitting in the audience.

A friend from Oklahoma turned me on to John Fullbright several years ago.  His straightforward, simple, yet skillfully executed lyrics speak straight to my heart. I’ve only seen him play once, but loved every minute of that show in a smokey little Oklahoma bar.

I’ve known Lyle Lovett since the late 70’s when my friend, Katy, and I used to go see him for next to nothing at Anderson Fair in Houston.  I think admission was something like $2.00.  Like Fullbright, he is one of my favorite lyricists.  This is one of my very favorites by him.

My close friend, Robb, in Dallas, turned me on to Shook Twins recently.  I fell for this group when I heard one of the friends singing through an old telephone, creating a wiry, ethereal sound that I found haunting.

Alabama Shakes is another band that I love.  While Brittany Howard might not look like your typical Brittany, her soulful refrains shake me to the bone.

And speaking of bones…..Here’s a little dose of Texas, in the form of Shaky Graves.  Love him. Saw him recently in Portland.  Fantastic musician/lyricist.

My friend, Sheryl, hosted Vandaveer in her Seattle studio last year.  We had so much fun in the intimate setting.  Great people, these, very friendly.  My daughter in law loves them, so I got the lead singer, Mark Charles Heidinger,  to do a little video for her. He was very sweet.  Told her he wished she could be there, et al.  We had a blast hanging out with these guys, and the music was unsurpassed. Sheryl’s friend, Mary was there, and after everyone left, Mark sat down in a rolling office chair, rolled across the room to her and sang “happy birthday” about a foot away from her face. She cried and cried….from happiness.  This was a magical night for all of us. Close friends. Great music. Good food.  We had a lot of fun, thanks to Sheryl, the hostess with the mostest.

Even after all these years, it is difficult for me to make a list of favorite musicians without including Annie Lennox….as dated as this music is, she has remained one of my favorite singers for many years.  This song has special significance, and brings back some happy, happy memories for me….so bear with the oldness of it, ok?  This song was sent to me by someone who is very near and dear to my heart, so when I hear it, I am filled with gratitude.

And last but not least,  I’ve become a big fan of this little sweetie, who absolutely blew me away with a song that is near and dear to my heart for reasons I cannot convey.

So…I hope I’ve turned you on to at least one musician or group you weren’t familiar with. I love all kinds of music, old and new, but these selections all have special meaning to me right now.

John recently gifted me with an Amazon Echo, so every morning I get up and say, “Alexa, play……….(one of these musicians…or some other musicians)….and our house is filled with music.

Gotta love modern technology.


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