Good Company


We have had house guests here, visiting from Europe, for the last couple of weeks.  One will be leaving this coming Wednesday, and the other will be staying through the 2nd.  The experience has been good.

They get up early in the morning, eat their breakfast, then pack a lunch for the day and take off.  They return just before dinner.  On most days, we have dinner together and talk, long into the night.  I am ever grateful for their friendship, their kindness, their intellects, and for their being here.

He is an architect.  She is a college professor/poet.  He lives in London.  She currently lives in Edinburgh.  They are a couple.  Like us, they love music, literature, politics, experiencing new places….and like us, they enjoy equality in their relationship.

We live in a small place, but they make it easy to coexist. Everyone pitches in together to get things done.  I like that.  No one has to ask, nor to be told.  We all just jump in and do it.  This arrangement runs smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.

Right now, they are in Seattle, watching her daughter perform in a ballet concert.  They are sleeping at our granddaughter’s place while SHE is visiting her mom in California.  Everything just seems to work out.  That’s what good planning does.

Today, John and I are going to the Earth Day celebration in downtown Portland…despite the rain.  Our friends will be in this evening, and the routine will begin again.  It’s nice to have such good company.  We will miss them when they’re gone.

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