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Tell me…


If we de-fund meals for seniors, after school programs for children, arts, humanities, public broadcasting, environmental protection, ignore infrastructure, roll back protections against increased interest on crippling school loans, stifle scientific debate and dissemination of empirically sourced data, def-und education for our children, and distance ourselves from the rest of the World, including our allies, all the while substantially increasing military spending, subsidies, incentives, and tax breaks for corporations, will we be a better nation? Will we be the greatest Country on Earth? Will we honor the morals, goals, aspirations, and intents of the Founding Fathers? Will we create a stronger foundation for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Donald J. Trump is a monster.

Least we not forget….


NEVER FORGET:1. Trump did not fire Flynn. Trump fired the woman who warned him about Flynn.

2. Trump knew about Flynn for three weeks and didn’t tell Pence (or anyone else). The Washington Post told Pence.

3. Trump isn’t concerned about Russian interference. Trump is concerned about the leaks that brought the interference to light.

4. Jason Chaffetz doesn’t think we need an investigation into Flynn and Russia (or the Yemen Raid). Chaffetz thought we needed 33 investigations .