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Pegi Young, and Women Who Can’t Live Without Men


You know the type.  Even though he cheats on her….even though he bashes her behind her back…even though he is a serial liar, she clings to him, because she can’t live without a man to accompany her. Regardless of what he does, she HAS to have a man beside her or she doesn’t feel worthy or complete.  She is insecure.

However, if  you’re in a relationship with a person who used to make him or her happy and no longer does, what keeps that person there is not love, it’s fear….. so don’t talk to me about being soft-hearted or forgiving, because you’re a fool, if this applies to you, and everyone who knows the two of you also understands this.  They just don’t have the heart to tell you.

If he has cheated once, he will do it again…and HAS…and still continues to.   You think by staying in an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship you are doing the right thing.  You convince yourself that things will get better, that he’ll change and that it’s not that bad, you can live with things the way they are. But the truth is you can’t and you know it.   Pegi Young is a woman who has said, “To hell with it…” and has forged a whole new life for herself, despite the public humiliation of her former husband’s infidelities.  I admire her for this.

Pegi Young turned that negative experience into a positive one.  She turned it into art.

This morning, NPR did a show about how Neil Young had dumped his wife of 36 years for the younger, prettier Daryl Hannah, shown here relaxing in France.


But this story isn’t really about Neil Young.  It is about his ex wife, Pegi….the woman who was jilted….because she didn’t ‘just crawl into a hole and go away.  She embraced what happened to her in a way that puts Neil to shame.  Yes, “the best revenge is living well,” or so they say, and Pegi Young is doing just that.

I’ve heard a lot of people criticize her for putting out this album and drawing attention to herself at “this age” but I love it that she did this. Her album is not necessarily my cup of tea, and I have been a Neil Young fan forever, but I admire Pegi for taking the reigns and being in command of her own destiny regardless of what he did to her. Making this album demonstrated tremendous inner strength, and it doesn’t matter how old she is, what she looks like, how “jilted” she was when she did it.  She did it to heal, and I admire her for it.

Her new album is called, “Raw”….and it is.  She said that writing the songs that are on it is what got her through, i.e. saved her life. Each of her new songs deals with one of the seven stages of grief.  In this song, “Trying to Live my Life Without You,” Pegi wrote, “We regretted the changes that brought us to now. I’d take it all back if I only knew how. You can drive on away with the weight of demand. And the road keeps on going until you find where you land….”

She has made a statement that makes HER look like the better person. She has taken a pile of shit and turned it into gold.  I have so much respect for a person who does something like this instead of deciding to wallow in the shit as their lives go by with disrespect from their partners.  Pegi Young is a strong woman.  A REAL woman, and she has my respect.



Blasting the Fascia


For me, it all started when I had some  MFR (myofascial release therapy) done on my right calf. Myofascial release (MFR) therapy focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. There are a number of conditions and symptoms that myofascial release therapy addresses.

Fascia is the head to toe, arm to arm, inside-out connective tissue. It divides our muscles and penetrates them like the internal skin of an orange. It also surrounds virtually every structure of the human body. If we were able to peek inside our bodies and only see the fascia, we would look like a human form of cotton candy with mummy-like bandages running throughout. The entire fascia system is connected in ONE piece like a 3D spider-web.

When my daughter-in-law, Katherine, started talking to me about her experiences with the new fascia guru, Ashley Black, I signed on to a Facebook group that pertains to the topic of “fascia blasting”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.23.50 PM.png

Fascia blasting consists of using specific tools to loosen the fascia throughout the body, from head to toe.  It is accredited for doing everything from restoring hair loss to body sculpting, to getting rid of neck “waddle” and crows feet.  In 30 days, it can make a person go from a pockled cellulite carrier to a smooth sailing, fit-looking body babe, as shown in the pictures below.


The Fascia Blasters, as these tools are called, come in a variety of sizes, all intended to do the same thing.  That is, release the fascia that binds fat to bone.

Ashley Black  explains there are 4 types of fascia:

  1. Structural fascia- Runs in long strips through the body. Visible in chicken meat just below the skin. The white silky membrane.
  2. Inter-structural fascia- Is present inside muscles and connects muscles to other muscles and to the bones. Visible when eating steak, the cobweb-like material.
  3. Visceral fascia- The “goop” inside our abdominal cavity that surrounds our organs and digestive system.
  4. Spinal fascia- the straw like thick casing that surrounds the spinal column

The fascia has a brush point with literally every other system of the body. It is as, or more significant than any other system. Having loose, healthy fascia is vital for overall health and well-being. Healthy fascia also makes us look, feel, and function better!


I purchased a fascia blaster.  I also purchased a mini fascia blaster and a “fake” (not Ashley Black brand) facial fascial blaster.  I have to say, the results have been amazing!  I have redistributed the tissue around my knees to be much more attractive than it was before.  I have completely rid myself of a slight double chin.  I have carved out my abs and the under side of my arms.  I am making progress over my entire body.  Fascia Blasting really works!

The idea is to heat the fascia via a sauna or hot shower, then to blast away using the above-noted tools. Expect bruising at first, but that just tells you that the fascia blasting is working.  You can use arnica to heal the bruises quickly.  Ashley also recommends that one drink a good detox tea, because blasting fascia releases all kinds of toxins in the body….so expect to feel a little wimpy at first, but this quickly goes away, and the practice becomes pleasurable.  It feels great to fascia blast these days.

Here are a few videos that tell more:


Botox…It’s not just for wrinkles anymore


Botox  is most commonly associated with smoothing out wrinkles to give the face a fresher, more youthful appearance. However, it has other  benefits  beyond this.  Botox can be used to minimize or stop excessive perspiration. Men use it these days, to gain relief from enlarged prostates.

Pending further research, doctors are hopeful that the treatment will  also be useful in the treatment of pain associated with arthritis.

Some of the other benefits are:

Brow Lifts

As people age, their eyebrows are prone to sagging.  Botox Cosmetic® is now commonly used to lift that brow, resulting in  a more energized, youthful appearance .  Botox brow lifts look much more natural than surgical lifts, but they don’t last as long, and have to be refreshed every 3-6 months, depending on the patient.


Strabismus  is a condition in which the eyes do not line up evenly in the same direction. It is best known as “crossed-eyes”, and  approximately  4% of Americans have this condition.  Botox has been used for treatment of strabismus for quite some time now, and has had surprisingly successful results.

Overactive Bladder

Botox has been approved by the FDA and is used to treat thousands of women in America each year for overactive bladder.  Women love Botox because it can help reduce a number of their bladder leaks considerably.

Chronic Migraines

Migraine headaches can go hand in hand with  nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. The FDA has approved treatment of these debilitating migraines with Botox.  A series of 31 injections are administered to seven different areas of the head and neck with results expected to last up to three months, depending on each individual.


Botox Cosmetic® can be  used in combination with fillers, such as Restylane,  to treat the lips and give them a fuller appearance, such as that of my granddaughter, Maya, pictured below.  Maya does not have Botox in her lips, because she is very young, but if she wants to maintain this look in her 40s and above, Botox may be the best solution.

Whether one prefers to age naturally, or chooses to have a little help from cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, is up to the individual.  As for me?  I get by with a little help from my friends….and I’ve never used Botox.  😉


Stumptown Winter



Cold season’s sky

The color of

old men’s teeth.


like poverty,

a hapless, heavy gray.

Freezing rain.

Needles piercing tattooed skin


Like an angry crowd’s

paralytic crush.

Then a bud,

A blade of chartreuse grass.

It only takes an infant’s smile

To excise labor’s pain.

By Stacy Alexander, 2017

On “Working With” Trump



This blog is a vehicle to express outrage of how far my country has fallen on the humanity gauge. To me it is a useful vehicle for my activism.     Someone posted the following sentiments on Facebook yesterday, and I am re-posting them here, because they precisely express my position at this time:

45ish and his cronies and the majority of the Republicans in congress are a threat to me and my way of life. So I will #RESIST and I will be part of the resistance (and proud of it).

Some people are saying that we should give 45ish a chance, that we should “work together” with him because he won the election and he is everyone’s president.This is my response:

I will treat this President just like he and so many others treated former President Barack Obama for 8 years…I will not “work together” to build a wall.

I will not “work together” to persecute Muslims.

I will not “work together” to shut out refugees from countries where we destabilized their governments, no matter how bad they might have been, so that we could have something more agreeable to our oligarchy.

I will not “work together” to lower taxes on the 1%.

I will not “work together” to increase taxes on the middle class and poor.

I will not “work together” to help him line the pockets of himself and his cronies.

I will not “work together” to weaken (or demolish) environmental protection.

I will not “work together” to sell American lands to companies which then despoil those lands.

I will not “work together” to remove civil rights from anyone.

I will not “work together” to waste trillions more on our military when we already have the strongest in the world.

I will not “work together” to alienate countries that have been our allies for as long as I have been alive.

I will not “work together” to slash funding for education.

I will not “work together” to increase the immunity the police already have when they kill people of color (or anyone!) who is unarmed and does not pose any real threat.

I will not “work together” to take basic assistance from people who are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

I will not “work together” to allow torture and “black op” prison sites.

I will not “work together” to “take their oil.”

I will not “work together” to get rid of common sense regulations on guns.

I will not “work together” to eliminate the minimum wage.

I will not “work together” to suppress scientific research, be it on climate change, fracking, or any other issue where a majority of scientists agree that Trump and his supporters are wrong on the facts.

I will not “work together” to criminalize abortion or restrict health care for women.

I will not “work together” to increase the number of nations that have nuclear weapons.

I will not “work together” to put even more “big money” into politics.

I will not “work together” to violate the Geneva Convention.

I will not “work together” to give the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party and white supremacists a seat at the table, or to normalize their hatred.

I will not “work together” to deny health care to people who need it.

I will not “work together” to increase the profits of the insurance companies.

I will not “work together” to deny medical coverage to people on the basis of an alleged or actual “pre-existing condition.”

I will not “work together” to increase voter suppression.

I will not “work together” to normalize tyranny.

I will not “work together” with anyone who is, or admires, tyrants and dictators.

I will not “work together” with 45ish or anyone who supports him, because I will not allow one man to feed upon the fears of the populace, blaming minorities for their condition or their inability to thrive. (Yes, I’ve read those books before.)

I will use my voice and my hands, to reach out to the uninformed, and anyone else who’ll LISTEN. About 45ish, his friends and the Big Lie:That “winning”, “being great again”, “rich” or even “beautiful” is nothing… if no one else is around.

What I Do


As I work to open my new business, I find that a lot of people are unfamiliar with what I do as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach.


What is an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach?

As founder of Ajahn Life, I feel I should write a little bit about myself so that you will understand who I am and what I do.  I received my masters degree in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, and feel that I got an excellent education.   Most recently, however, I underwent more specialized training to be an integrative wellness and life coach through the Integrative Wellness Academy in California.

Some of you may have questions about what exactly it is that I do. First, I am a life coach.  A life coach is someone who typically is known for helping client reach a specific goal or to make a wanted change in his or her life.  I can do that, but my training goes far beyond that.

The word, “Integrative” means to combine allpathic and complementary therapies and/or serving or intending to unify separate things.  A life coach is traditionally defined as a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.  An Integrative Wellness & Life Coach has knowledge and training in “integrative” approaches in the areas of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.  This is referred to as “Wholeness in Balance.”

The approach that I use moves life coaching from simply counseling and encouraging, to fully equipping and empowering my clients to make the effective changes they need to come into balance within the aforementioned areas of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

My clients can experience and expect to walk away with a personal plan to move them towards wellness and health in the areas of mind (thought life and patterns), emotions (emotions and relationships), physical (this can mean physical health or physical surroundings and situations, such as career or finance) and spiritual health (awareness and spirituality.)

What I do, really, is to use specific proven techniques and tools to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be in life.  I accept clients on an individual basis, and conduct workshops where I utilize my skills with other practitioners from different areas, to help clients reach their maximum potential.

My rates are $150 per hour for individual clients, and a predetermined, discounted, fixed rate for workshop clients who purchase a retreat package. At this time, our retreats are in the planning stages, but I will have more information about that soon.

“Dress Like a Woman” Part 2


45 announced recently, that  he wanted any female on his staff to “dress like a woman.”  I asked my friends on Facebook to post photos of their ideas of how a woman should dress, and I posted my own.  I’ll begin with that one, and show you what everyone else posted as well.

When you “dress like a woman,” this is what you look like:


Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.05.48 AM.png



screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-11-07-59-amScreen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.08.55 AM.png





Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.13.14 AM.png

These are all examples of what women dress like.

This is an example of 45’s idea of how a woman should dress.  This is his wife, the FLOTUS.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.14.26 AM.png