Why I refuse to sit down, shut up and get over it



THIS (<—click there) excellent article by Libby Shaw sums up my feelings quite succinctly.


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  1. Here is the problem with that argument: the laws of the Electoral College were already in place before the election occurred. Clinton was campaigning for President with those rules in place. Both major parties campaigned primarily in swing states BECAUSE the Electoral College exists and it’s votes are counted the way they are. If the Democrats had any intention of using the Electoral College as a basis for a reason why Trump’s Presidency is invalid, they needed to go through the democratic process to change the laws BEFORE the election. How can anyone take them seriously if they try to change the rules after everyone has voted. We can’t. That would be a coup. Literally.

    (Please let the record show that I am not a Trump supporter, I didn’t vote for either major party candidate either, so I am not taking sides.)

    • from Stacy:

      Actually, I agree with you thehonkinggoose. That might surprise you, but I do. That said, however, now that voter fraud has been uncovered in Wisconsin, and given the general dishonesty, bigotry and sexism exhibited by the current Present-elect, I find exception. I will continue to speak out against this man and his lack of morals. I will continue to point out his racism and his sexism. I will continue to point out that even before he takes the oath of office, he has already committed crimes with regard to his major conflicts of interest. I will not shut up and sit down when it comes to telling the truth about this horrible man.

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