America is in Trouble



We now have a President Elect whose relationship with Vladimir Putin is becoming more ridiculous by the hour, much less by the day. Why is this not a front page story in every newspaper in the country? Why is this not the lead-in to every news broadcast in the nation? We now have a President Elect who just settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million for his Trump University scam. We now have a President Elect whose closest advisor is a man who is a white supremacist.


Some call him a white nationalist. What’s the difference? Both imply that the United States should be white and ruled by whites, preferably white men. An article from Breitbart claims that the inventions of the washing machine and the birth control pill were the worst things that ever happened to women because they are so very unhappy about being allowed to follow their dreams and denied an exciting career of housework and being a handmaiden to the man of the house. We now have a President Elect who has said incredibly hideous things about women and boasted about sexually assaulting them. We now have a President Elect who has fomented violence at his rallies and that violence has ratcheted up in the wake of the election. We now have a President Elect who not only condones torture; he says he will use it – in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. We now have a President Elect who has vowed to ban all Muslims from entering the country and cited the Japanese internment camps as a “precedent” for a Muslim registry.


Trump has chosen General Mike Flynn as his National Security Advisor – a position that requires no approval from Congress. Flynn is virulently anti-Muslim and a war monger. He has nominated openly racist Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. We now have a President Elect who is a climate change denier despite the findings of every major climate scientist in the world.  His wife worked in this country and an illegal immigrant.  She was a prostitute and nude model.  What kind of example does she set for other young women/girls in America?


Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  Her margin of victory is still growing, now to almost 2 million. She is a smart, capable woman with vast experience. Donald Trump didn’t even know that the White House staff doesn’t stay on when a new president is elected. His promise to “drain the swamp” has proven to be just like his promises to enrich those he fleeced with Trump University.  He did $175 million worth of damage and paid $25 million, walking away himself with $150 million of his innocent victim’s money.


Donald J. Trump  is nothing more than a con man out to enrich himself, and he could care less about the working people of this country.  His supporters are the ones who will be hardest hit by his tax breaks for the rich….and he got away with it because they are too stupid to do their homework.  The rogues gallery he has assembled and floated for high government positions are all throwbacks to the Bush/Cheney neocon philosophy. They ARE the swamp.  AND his followers are the misinformation.


If the Electoral College was included in the Constitution to protect our Republic against elevating a despot or an individual patently unqualified by experience or temperament to the presidency, then this is the time to flex those muscles. Because if not, what is the point of continuing with that institution?





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