I Am With Them


Please read this.

From Shaun King:
“When we protest with anger, which I fully understand, we are called violent rioters.
So, we respond by silently and peacefully taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. We are then called unpatriotic traitors and told to “go back to Africa.”
So, we respond with boycotts, and decide to change where and how we spend the money that we work hard to earn, so that our money and our values line up, and we are then given a whole new line of excuses on why what we are doing is wrong and dangerous and unpatriotic.
HERE IS WHAT I KNOW: You don’t genuinely have a problem with our methods. No matter what method we use, you have a problem. Your problem is with the fact that we are unwilling to take your oppression and xenophobia and racism and bigotry and sexism and greed silently.
We will protest. We will be angry. We will take quietly take knees. AND we will move our dollars out of your companies and put them with people and corporations who actually care about us.”

Word. Truth to Power

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