Being vegetarian or vegan is not just eating a certain diet.  It is a lifestyle that involved a more conscientious way of living, one in which people pay attention to things to which  the average carnivore does not give as much consideration, or so it seems.

Each year in Portland, the Northwest Vegetarian Society holds a huge event at the Portland Convention Center.  This weekend was the 12th year for this celebration, and John and I were in attendance.

The festival was packed with booths handing out literature, GREAT free food samples and all kind sof veg-friendly products.  In attendance were doctors and lawyers and people with tattoos and people without tattoos.  There were housewives and house husbands.  There were kids of all ages, who enjoyed many activities that were set up for them.


We forwent lunch and opted, instead, to wander from booth to booth trying new products and sampling our favorites that we had tried before.  All were just great.


Although both of us are vegetarian and not vegan, we both loved all of the many vegan options that we tried.  Vegan/vegetarian foods have really come a long way over the last decade.


The event had all kinds of entertainment, lectures and demonstrations. One of my favorites was a demonstration by the author of The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty, Sunny Subramanian of the Vegan Beauty Review.


This is Sunny with her little boy who insisted upon singing for us.  He was very sweet.  Sunny’s demo was great.  She has a great blog online, too.  I purchased her book and just love it.  It has the most fantastic all-natural recipes for cosmetics and related items.  Really great.


We attended a lecture by Juleanna Heaver, RD, about The Vegan Ten: Basics of the Vegiterranean Diet, which is a vegan version of the Mediterranean diet, one of the most healthful diets in existence.

I attended another one on investing in humanitarian causes.

It was a good time.  I think I’ll attend again next year.