A Good Afternoon


Ingrid and I went to the woods for  a picture taking session yesterday afternoon.  Here are some of my shots:



This was one of many flocks of geese that flew overhead yesterday.  They were all being stalked by a magnificent bald eagle.  No casualties that I witnessed. (whew!)


I managed to get several great shots of this guy as he swooped by.  This was the best one.


We saw our beloved blue heron in the distance.  He was all the way across the lake from us, but I managed to capture this shot with my new camera.


The Wood Duck on the right was magnificent!


I adore this bamboo fence.


The heron always hangs out with this cormorant.


Even though the foliage has started to turn for the autumn, Portland is still quite lush and green…and gorgeous.


The sound of falling water was with us the whole time we were out shooting.


This child shares my enthusiasm for photography.

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