Why I’m with Hillary


Going into this election, I was not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  She is far too conservative for my tastes, and too hawkish, as well.  I was for Bernie….but amidst all the misunderstandings (ignorance) about socialism Vs. DEMOCRATIC socialism and his “help all” policies, I did not have a realistic expectation that he would win.  It takes a well-educated person to understand Bernie Sanders, just as it takes an educated person to understand Barak Obama….and we have SO much ignorance in this country!  I mean, look at the Republican nominee for starters!  wow!

Since 3rd party candidates do not win in this country.  I believe Teddy Roosevelt was the only one who did, but I could be mistaken about that.  Anyway….I do not want to throw my vote away on a third party candidate when it could be used to elect another Progressive President, so, for this election, I’m with Hillary.

I conducted research into the political accomplishments of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and this is what I came up with.  I’ll start with Hillary.

#1.   While the subject of controversy here and there, much of which does not please me at all, but the majority of which has been investigated and dismissed.  (The email scandal was investigated by a REPUBLICAN committee and any thought of charges has been dropped.  Bush did what she did.  Colin Powell did.  Condaleeza Rice did….The email thing was common practice.  Risky?  Yes!  Any harm done. No!  So can we please move on from that?!  Oh, and Vince Foster….and the other collection of bodies supposedly killed by the Clintons?  Utter nonsense.  Rumors believed by dumb rednecks, but disproved on SNOPES.com.…where substantiation rules over ignorance.  Click that link to read about each of those deaths.

Hillary Clinton has been working for more than 40 years to improve the lives of children and families.  In comparison, Donald Trump has donated funds in isolated cases, here and there, but has made no significant contributions toward helping children and families specifically.  After law school, Hillary could have gone to work for a prestigious law firm, but took a lower paying job at the Children’s Defense Fund. She worked with teenagers incarcerated in adult prisons in South Carolina and families with disabled children in Massachusetts. The experience sparked a lifelong passion for helping children live up to their potential.  Trump?  Nada.  No contribution, whatsoever.

Donald Trump seems to have the attitude that the poor are bums and that they don’t deserve help. As first lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton fought to help pass health care reform. When that effort failed until Obama took office, she didn’t give up: Hillary worked with Republicans and Democrats both to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP cut the uninsured rate of American children by half, and today it provides health care to more than 8 million kids.  According to my research, Donald Trump has spoken out against programs such as CHIP.

When terrorists attacked just months after Hillary became U.S. senator from New York, she worked to make sure the 9/11 first responders who suffered lasting health effects from their time at Ground Zero got the care they needed. On the other hand, Donald Trump used funds earmarked to help small businesses that were destroyed or harmed in the incident, for his own profit.

Hillary Clinton’s standing in front of a U.N. conference and declaring that “women’s rights are human rights” was more controversial than it sounds today. Many within the U.S. government didn’t want Hillary to go to Beijing. Others wanted her to pick a less polarizing topic (you say polarizing, we say half the population). But Hillary was determined to speak out about human rights abuses, and her message became a rallying cry for a generation.  Donald Trump has railed against women, referring to them as “dogs” “pigs” “ugly” “fat” and other disparaging comments.  He has made blatantly sexual comments about his own daughter, and was accused by his 1st wife, of raping her….but because the law stated, at the time that the definition of rape did not include husbands doing it to wives, he was technically let off the hook, even though, according to Ivana, he DID commit that violent act.  He is furthermore accused of raping a 13 year old girl, who has an eye witness to the attack. THAT is Donald Trump’s stance on women.

As secretary of state, Hillary made LGBT rights a focus of U.S. foreign policy. She lobbied for the first-ever U.N. Human Rights Council resolution on human rights and declared that “gay rights are human rights.” And here at home, she made the State Department a better, fairer place for LGBT employees to work. Trump opposes nationwide marriage rights.

Hillary worked across the aisle to expand health care access for members of the National Guard and reservists—making sure those who served and their families had access to health care when they returned home. And she worked to expand the Family Medical Leave Act, allowing families of those wounded in service to their country to take leave in order to care for their loved ones.  Donald Trump publicly insulted the parents of a dead American soldier. He made a campaign promise to disburse large funds to the US Veterans, but did not spend a penny on them until the press uncovered the fact that he had not done so.  THEN he gave them SOME of the money that he promised he would.

As our nation’s chief diplomat, Hillary didn’t back down when the stakes were high. As Hamas rockets rained down on Israel, Hillary went to the region immediately. Twenty-four hours after she landed, a ceasefire went into effect—and that year became Israel’s quietest in a decade. Donald Trump encourages combat and war.  He has even stirred up dissent in the United States, l spawning a rash of violent behaviors at his dangerous violent rhetoric.  He has praised evil dictators and says he admires Putin, a murderer.

These are the reasons why I am voting for Hillary Clinton instead of the quickly diminishing candidate with the small hands.



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