Shift Your Energy With Color


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I borrowed this picture from my friend, Mark, shown in the upper right corner, who attended the Hindu Festival of Colors in India recently after spending a good deal of time with us here in Portland.  Since I am writing about color today, I figured this was the perfect picture!

Have you ever wanted to shift your energy from low to high?  Or have you searched for easy ways to relax?  You might be surprised to know that color is one of the most effective ways in which to do this. Every color you use matters, from the color you paint your walls, to the color of your undies!  Each color has significant meaning and the potential to affect your well-being.

I went through a period of time in my life when I was on edge a lot.  We lived in a huge, stark white,  industrial artist’s work/live space that was a joyful experience in many ways, but it was also stressful because it existed in what I refer to as an “urban combat zone.”  While we were safely in the confines of our bunker, the exterior parameter was dangerous, and I was nervous. All it took to calm me down was painting the walls blue….several shades of blue, and to add some large, green plants.

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These are two colors that are found frequently in nature.  All colors are, really, but greens and blues are quite plentiful. Their vibrant tones can impart the feeling of nature, even in a cold, industrial loft space, and bringing nature closer to one is a healing experience, which should not be surprising.  Exposure to nature or emulating it is also therapeutic.  Empirical studies suggest that greens and blues send  relaxing and soothing sensations through the eyes to the brain.

My favorite color in all of life is cobalt blue.  Cobalt can be thought of as a combination between the deepest navy blue and deep purple.  Gorgeous, gorgeous color!  The color spectrum from cobalt blue to deep purple signify wealth andabundance, and also spirituality.  Purple is noted for being the color of the crown chakra. This  is where practitioners of yoga and other spiritually-based practices  connect with wisdom and those things which are universal. Royalty is often associated with this color spectrum.

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Purple is a combination of red and blue, which links spaciousness and healing with fire and protection.  I keep a lot of amethyst around for this reason. It is the perfect purple color.  Believers maintain that placing purple stones such as amethyst crystals in one’s environment invites  nobility and prosperity into their lives.

The red-to-pink spectrum is related to fire energy. Red can evoke inspiration or passion.  The closest I have ever come to painting any wall red was when I painted an entire room magenta. Too stimulating for me.  I quickly changed it, as I am a little hyper and need a more laid-back, relaxing atmosphere in our home.  My husband is the same.  We are both very high energy and we both spend a lot of energy doing our jobs,creating, going out and about.  Home is the place for us to kick back and relax.  I read an article about feng shui recently that said one should never paint a teenage boy’s room red.  The article claimed that as the testosterone surges, young men can become very depressed when leaving the confines of their red rooms.  Sort of sounds like BS to me…..but, oh well.

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We currently live in a contemporary condo with high ceilings and post-mid-entury modern furnishings.  The interior of our dwelling is painted a soft, candlelight white color…a creamy, beautiful, soft color.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.28.35 AM

Many different philosophies and cultures claim  that white represents purity . Like black, white is  not actually a color.  It is the absence of color. It can be used to tone down other colors, and it can help us connect back to spaces and emptiness, allowing renewals, starting over…. Our bedroom is a deep, deep maroon, and my office is sage green.  These are the colors that move my spirit, shift my energy and keep me grounded in the place where I reside.









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  1. Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

    Excellent point. I really liked how color changes the mood of all people and gives us humans the joy of everyday life.

    I love the colors black, blue, red, & sometimes dark green. 🙂

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