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Today was the Clinton-Division Street fair.  The parade was one block from our home, so I strolled down to the corner with my camera.  This was an event that really captured the spirit of Portland, which is about people….our hearts…and what we DO instead of what we look like.  I loved what I saw today.  People were genuinely enjoying themselves. People were in this parade from all walks of life…wealthy, poor,  politicians (I shook the hand of the Republican candidate for Oregon Governor.), elderly people, children, mentally challenged, those people with strong political causes on both sides of the coin came together today in peace and fellowship and love…because that’s what the heart of Portland is all about.

There were marching bands….a lot of them.  This one had one of the strongest drum corps I had ever heard.  They were GREAT!!!

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The majorettes or color guards or whatever their titles were….(the ones in the fishnets) were awesome!  Check out the My Little Pony tat!

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The drummers were mighty.  They were powerful and loud.  They were strong.

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There was a rather athletic looking Carmen Miranda-ish person.

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Oh, and this was a super silver marching band called, “Love Bomb Go Go”.  This is our Ingrid holding Beatrix with two members.  Ingrid caught sight of two band members after the parade and struck up a conversation. They were enormously talented, fun to watch and uniquely Portland.  This was a very sweet band.  Nice members. Click HERE to hear their music.

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This was a mighty colorful band member….well…wearing white…but characteristically colorful.

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And I adored this guy.  Wow!  What talent!

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The neighborhood Chinese Crested looked like he would rather be at home drinking a beer.

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We had some colorful little floats.  This was a dog rescue organization.

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You can see the following acrobatic troop in the opening scenes of “Portlandia”….at least the first couple of seasons….walking beside the Willamette downtown.

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A truck pulled off the parade path, a few guys jumped out and set up a portable jump for a group of amazingly talented kids who performed a few jumps for us.

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This kid blew us all away!  A lot of the kids who participated in this jump activity were amazing, but this one?  The BEST!

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Oh…and there was this bike guy.  We see him all over town on this thing.

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Our local police were in the parade showing off their new vehicles.  I have never lived in a city where the police officers were friendlier. Portland cops are really great people…so helpful and kind.

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The Polynesian dancers were a lot of fun.  There were about a dozen of them…all ages…all sizes.

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One of the many things that we love about Portland is that age-ism seems non-existent. People are encouraged and supported in their creative endeavors regardless of how old they are.

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So, our weird little neighborhood parade was not a big money, New York City Macy’s type parade, but it was sweet and endearing.  I had such a good time, as always, strolling down the sidewalk, chatting with neighbors, ducking in and out of the shops, listening to some GREAT music and spending time with my family.  I love my beautiful family….and I love Portland….and that’s not all I love.  Don’t get me started.  😉