I shall preface this by saying that I have always despised bowling and bowling culture.  However, my husband, John, doesn’t share my disdain.  He was a bowling champ in high school, and views the sport as good exercise and good fun. Also, his bowling puts me to shame.  That’s ok. I’m not a competitive person.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.42.39 AM

As I like to occasionally engage in activities that take me out of my comfort zone, (and that can help build my upper body strength), I agreed to join a summer bowling program with him.  We bowl at least 4 times a week.  Even more, upon occasion. Some weeks, we go every day.  We just break for lunch, and instead of eating a big meal, we go bowling.

We plan to meet friends at the bowling ally this afternoon, in fact.  Our Ingrid and my daughter will be joining us as well.   (Ingrid rolls with a 10 pound ball. I can only handle an 8 pound one!)  She, also, is a person who puts me to shame on the lanes.

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When I first started bowling a few weeks ago, I felt pain in places on my body that I didn’t even know existed.  I have been diligently trying to work my way through it via yoga, gentle stretches, ice packs and aspirin, each time I go, something new aches afterward….but it is getting better, and even though I hate to admit it, I’m actually having fun.

My game is getting a little better, too, although yesterday, I must have rolled 10 gutter balls.  I have never won a game…and I really don’t expect to, as that is not my objective. My objective is to simply do it, and to benefit from the exercise, have a good time and learn something in the process.Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.54.09 AM

Watch me hit this pin for a spare…..

As for bowling culture…well….let’s just say that the bowling ally is a great place to people watch.  There are people of all shapes, sizes and from all walks of life.  Families go bowling with a half dozen kids, and there are lone bowlers who spend hour after hour rolling alone, trying to perfect their games.

I’ll continue to go….and I’ll probably continue to dislike it, somewhat…but John loves it that I’m going with him, and I think it makes him feel good to beat me every. single. time.

That’s ok.  sigh…..