We miss some things (but not many) about living in Texas. Apart from our loved ones there, the Tex-Mex food runs a close second.  That is why we are overjoyed that Austin natives opened the new Stella Tacos down the street from us, about a block and a half, at 3060 SE Division.

One could long for waiter, rather than counter, service, but hey.  The prices are fantastic, and the food is even better, so grab a Topo Chico mineral water from the refrigerated case and chillax!

During Happy Hour, Austin-style vegetarian tacos are only $2.00!  My daughter had the daily special yesterday (top taco) that had grilled eggplant, pickled zucchini and slaw in it, and one of my own favorites, the fried avocado taco (lower).


Ingrid adores the rice and beans there. It’s her favorite dish.


Yesterday, I had one of the aforementioned avocado tacos (left) and a mushroom molé one, on the right.  There are simply no words to describe how delicious they were!

Their queso with housemade chips is some of the best in the city.  The chips are sort of like homemade Doritos…only without the crap….and they taste better.

Sarah-Lynda ordered some of the Texas caviar, which is a dish I’ve made for years.  Was cool to see it offered in a restaurant.  It, too, was delicious.  I found myself wishing chips were included, though.

Stella Taco is an unassuming little restaurant with two Portland, Oregon locations.  Patrons walk in, trip over that nasty step in the entryway, then walk to the counter to order from among the widely varied menu.  There are plenty of offerings for carnivores, but we always go for the vegetarian options, and this restaurant has it all.

The people who work there are great.  I had a chat with one of the chefs the other day, a guy from Austin, whose name escapes me….but he was super-nice, and talked to me about the restaurant and food in general.  I appreciated the friendly exchange.

The margaritas at this place are outstanding…fresh juice, lots of tequila…flavors, such as hibiscus lavender rimmed with chili salt.  Yum-o.

We couldn’t be happier that Stella Taco has arrived in our neighborhood….but we’re going to have to watch the scale! Otherwise, we’d be eating there every day.   Great place.  Highly recommended.